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1. How to use girl in a sentence. Example sentences with the word girl. girl example sentences.
2. CK 1 46445 The girl sat beside me. CK 1 267851 The girl walked slowly. CK 1 267887 The girl went to sleep. CK 1 2187602 I really like that girl. Hybrid 1 2445 They are sensible girls. Zifre 1 1841472 Tom dresses like a girl. CK 1 68706 Who is that pretty girl? CK 1 2545660 You're a beautiful girl. CK 1 255224 I don't know either girl.
3. Use "girl" in a sentence The girl, who had her head on the boy's shoulder, looked around in surprise. The girl staring back at me was angry. Discussion question: Do you think a girl under the age of 16 should be required to have her parents' consent in order to get birth control pills? consequences The police asked the girl to make a rough
4. girl definition is - a female child from birth to adulthood. How to use girl in a sentence.
5. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word girl: . See girl used in context: 100 poetry verses, 39 Shakespeare works, 6 Mother Goose rhymes, 1 Bible passage, 120 definitions
6. That girl's eyes are blue. Mary is a very pretty girl. The girl trembled with fear. I have seen that girl before. They adopted the little girl. It was Tom that saved the girl. She used to be a very shy girl. The girl standing there is Mary. The girl was aware of the danger. He introduced me to a pretty girl. The girl talking with Jim is Mary.
7. The word "daring" can be used to describe someone who is not afraid of taking risks. An example of a sentence using the word would be: Ginger was always the most daring of the three girls.
8. Casquette girl in a sentence Warrington and his men take the casquette girls to New Orleans, where they are welcomed by the Governor. When the ship arrives in port, the casquette girls are eager to leave the ship and meet their future husbands. She was one of the casquette girls, but she ran away
9. A girl can dream in a sentence - Use "a girl can dream" in a sentence 1. Well, a girl can dream, can't she? 2. Still, a girl can dream, and that is the point. click for more sentences of a girl can dream
10. How to use her in a sentence. Example sentences with the word her. her example sentences. Sentences Menu. Dictionary With this thought in mind the girl took heart and leaned her head over the side of the buggy to see w her e the strange light was coming from. 2. 3.
11. Examples of Mosaic in a sentence. The little girl was fascinated by the colorful mosaic that comprised the church’s window. 🔊 When I redesign my kitchen, I will decorate the counters with a vibrant mosaic. 🔊 The mosaic in the girl’s shower is a multicolored pink design. 🔊
12. Examples of Grisly in a sentence. After the accident with the meat cutter, Katie refused to let anyone see her grisly face. 🔊 The girl screamed when she saw the grisly spider on her foot. 🔊 When the small animals heard the lion’s grisly roar, they ran and hid. 🔊
13. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "mute" The young deaf girl was mute and could only communicate through sign languageThe new student was so nervous that he remained totally mute during his entire discussion class. The young deaf girl was mute and could only communicate through sign language. Though totally deaf, Marlee Matlin refused to remain
14. Rarely will a mulatto girl marry a black man, and vice versa. A mulatto servant-man came into the room where Flora and I were. In close connection with the preceding is the question of the mulatto. They were all blacks, except the captain, who was a mulatto. Steve the mulatto was stretched upon the floor in a deep sleep.
15. Learn how to tell the difference between the pronouns "I" and "me" and when to use I or me correctly in a sentence. Reference Menu. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples Sentences Quotes The snobby girl thinks she's above my family and I, but she's not.
16. Consider what the role of the direct object is. The direct object receives the action. If you said, "The mother prepares the girl," then the girl is the direct object since she is receiving the preparing. However, in "Jane is a girl," the girl isn't receiving any action. Rather, "Jane" is being renamed to girl. The "Jane" is a "girl".
17. Order the full-length Webcast @ https:///2yAq0ZD Grammar girl explains the difference between "who" vs. "whom" in this brief excerpt from "How to avoi
18. For instance, sung in a sentence is: She has sung this song many times in the past year, or I have sung my heart out this past Saturday. Although both sentences describe past events, the first one is in simple past, and the second one is in present perfect. For instance: This song was sung by a little girl with a big bow.
19. How to use the word “myself” is one of the top 10 or 20 questions I get. Here’s an example: [block:qdt_book=qdt_book] Hi, Grammar girl. This is Chuck Tomasi, your interim Grammar Guy from ChuckC, home of podcasts too numerous to mention. I hear and see examples of the misu
20. You use this pronoun to talk about a girl., You use this pronoun to talk about a group of boys., You use this pronoun to talk about a group of both boys and girls., You use this form to talk about all of us, including boys and girls.
21. Another role for a semicolon is to create a stronger division in a sentence that is full of commas. For example, “I want to visit five cities: Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Soho, London; New York City, and Auckland, New Zealand. According to Grammar Girl, you can use a semicolon when you are joining two main clauses with a conjunctive adverb.
22. Wench definition is - a young woman : girl. How to use wench in a sentence.
23. Incorrect: The girl with the black and white puppies have a ball. Because puppies is right before have, this bad grammar example is easy to overlook. Ask yourself who the sentence is about (the girl), and eliminate the rest: Correct: The girl has a ball. 2. Pronoun–antecedent agreement errors
24. Usage: “VH1 did it with TLC, so now Lifetime has to do biopics with Tyra’s Next Top Model as Whitney and some Cheetah girl as Aaliyah, and listen, I don’t have time.” 13. Not here for it.
25. She has some food in her teeth. - The little girl likes to have some candy first. - My sister is involved in any of those sports. - My girl cousin has some nice pants.
26. V-B girl asked in Education & Reference Words & Wordplay · 1 decade ago Use the word in a sentence?!? How do you use the word revelations ( noun ) in a sentence and the Disapprobation ( noun )two separate sentences

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