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find, establish, start, begin, initiate, institute, form, create, launch, float,

"Founda" in Example Sentences

1. founda in a sentence - Use "founda" in a sentence 1. Since then, every major manufacturer has, at one time or another, founda good reason or occasion to issue such pens. 2. The numbers crunch A report put together by Dr Chanphen Choopraphawan and her team from the National Health founda A in their diets-- a deficiency that can be a serious learning impediment. click for more sentences of founda
2. Foundable in a sentence - Use "foundable" in a sentence 1. Also I must excuse me to the reders or herer of the matier in som place, thei it be ouer fantastyk, nought grounded nor foundable in holy scripture, ne in douctoures wordes, for I myght not go from myn auctor. click for more sentences of foundable
3. The foundation was funded by an initial company start-up grant and replenishes its coffers with an annual employee giving campaign.: The foundation stone was laid by Mrs Brown on June 21, the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria's accession to the throne.: His ideas on social justice were the foundation of new humanism and of Romanticism in general.: If lipstick looks too shiny on your eyelids
4. Foundation definition is - the act of founding. How to use foundation in a sentence.
5. founda quotes from YourDictionary: And my tears, too, have stained this heirloomed ground,When reading in these treatises some weirdMiracle, I turned a leaf and founda white hair fallen from my father's beard.

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