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1. 1. Use settingsearl in a sentence, settingsearl meaning?, settingsearl definition, how to use settingsearl in a sentence, use settingsearl in a sentence with examples. › footslogging [ˈfo͝otsläɡ] › Taffetas [ˈtafədə] › Kiing [kiNG] › Footfalln [ˈfo͝otˌfôl] › Detainments › Strongnessi: 3.footslogging definition: Verb 1 : 2.
2. footslogging definition: Verb 1. Present participle of footslog.
3. Use the word DEVILS in a sentences; Sentence Examples. 1. Them poor devils in the footslogging infantry nothing but walk, walk, walk. 0. Vakula goes for advice to fat-bellied Patsiuk, who knows all the devils. 0. The blue devils are now only gray, mud-clotted forms. 0.
4. The gaudy Staff apparently was yearning to have you. I bet God intended you for Intelligence: not for the footslogging department.' The other said wearily: 'I don't know. I was with the battalion. I wanted to stop with the battalion. I was intended for the Foreign Office. My miserable uncle got me hoofed out of that. I was with the battalion.
5. If memory serves she drops in a sentence about her bodacious bod just about every time somebody gives her a long look. jacobk, Jun 30, 2016 #64. She asks why his training involves so much footslogging - after all, her stamina is back up to snuff now, and she's still getting wrecked in spars with her peers. Very patiently, Belikov Socrate's

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