Use factionalised in a sentence

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disunite, detach, divorce, separate, isolate, estrange, alienate, sunder, dichotomize, dissever,

"Factionalised" in Example Sentences

1. Use factionalize in a sentence, factionalize meaning?, factionalize definition, how to use factionalize in a sentence, use factionalize in a sentence with examples. (past tense) · factionalized (past participle) · factionalizing (present participle) · factionalise (verb) · factionalises (third person present) · factionalised (past : 3. 4.
2. Factionalise definition: Verb (third-person singular simple present factionalises, present participle factionalising, simple past and past participle factionalised) 1. Alternative form of factionalize.Origin factional +‎ -ise
3. 1. The scandal that brought Bo down erupted in advance of a generational shift of power atop China's factionalised Communist Party.: Thus, pseudosecrets can also become a way of maintaining generational and sexual boundaries in the family.: Due to historical, geographical and generational diversity, Spanish art has known a great number of influences.: .: Having gone through several genera
4. Put in a sentence, So factionalised and at war with themselves have elements within it become the whole thing now demonstrates itself not just laughably disorganised, ineffectual and lacking all credibility but actively damaging to its own cause. Though some individuals, by loudly undertaking acts of very public civil disobedience, may
5. How to use "consensus" in a sentence - WordHippo. W The hostile consensus on him has, for the moment, given his factionalised party a veneer of unity under his leadership.: Thus, values and norms were imposed through coercive instruments rather than consensus.: At a first stage, a group coheres thanks to family bonds, religious
6. The term pluralism in a general context refers to a social structure in which many small groups maintain their unique cultural identity within a broader culture. The art historian Rosalind Krauss characterised the art of the late 1960s and 1970s period as: Diversified, split and factionalised. DA: 55 PA: 52 MOZ Rank: 43
7. In a sentence that surprised even court officials, Port Elizabeth magistrate Kenny Cooney ordered convicted fraudster Antoinette Saayman, 45, of Tulip Street, Sunridge Park, to undergo public humiliation. The Herald understands the council is becoming increasingly factionalised amid moves to nationalise the legal profession. - Sydney

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