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clear, direct, plain, obvious, straightforward, blunt, precise, exact, definite, distinct,

"Explicit" in Example Sentences

1. The use of force was only valid as a last resort, with prior, explicit authorization of the Council. 1 Only the Tories and a tiny minority of the labor MPs would support a war without explicit UN authorization.
2. Examples of explicit in a sentence. The difficult woman left the maid explicit details about how she wanted her house cleaned. 🔊 Because the agreement was over forty pages long, it took me a long time to read the explicit terms of the divorce settlement. 🔊 The bank representative made sure the borrower was aware of the explicit terms of
3. explicit is used to describe such things as writing, lyrics, photography, or film that express or depict openly offensive or vulgar nudity, violence, or sexuality, or it can indicate an act or behavior that is queasily graphic or leaves nothing to implication or the imagination (e.g., "scenes of explicit violence and drug use").
4. Then use the explicit connectives in as much variety as you can. Each leader received explicit directions as to what was to be done. Theodore has never made any explicit statement on the subject. This explicit relation between religion and war is seen very early. In strong and explicit language other courts have disclaimed such pretensions.
5. 181+4 sentence examples: 1. We think such information should be made explicit and not left vague. 2. The contrast could not have been made more explicit . 3. He gave me explicit directions on how to get there. 4. The film contains explicit scenes of
6. explicit in a sentence - Use "explicit" in a sentence 1. Police sources said sexually explicit videotapes were found at the scene. 2. Sister would later describe the experience in explicit, harsh terms. click for more sentences of explicit
7. A helpful part of this section is an explicit description outlining how the program overcame obstacles and barriers to implementation.: As expressed in the catechism in the Book of Common Prayer, the mission of the church is made explicit as the body of Christ.: The link between electronica and shoegazing is made more explicit every day.: Chapters 4-6 are more mathematically explicit, but not
8. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "explicit" With Internet technology nowadays, photos and films of explicit sex are just a mouse click away on the home computerThe movie is full of explicit sex scenes, and has been banned in a number of countries. With Internet technology nowadays, photos and films of explicit sex are just a mouse click away
9. If you want an employee to do a certain task in a very specific way, you must give them very explicit instructions. The rap song was very explicit in its use of sexual terms. I gave my mother
10. How to use explicitly in a sentence. Example sentences with the word explicitly. explicitly example sentences.
11. Examples of explicit language in a sentence, how to use it. 15 examples: If we skolemize the comprehension axioms, we get, in both cases, an explicit…
12. explicit vs. Implicit Have you ever confused "explicit" for "implicit" in a sentence, or at least wondered whether you should use the first one or the second? No worries, confusions are frequently created between words that are spelled similarly. It's important, though, that you understand what every word means, so you will always use them right in
13. Using explicit in a Sentence When to use explicit: explicit is an adjective that describes information that is stated directly and clearly, without any question about the meaning. explicit has another meaning which describes a form of entertainment that includes a lot of graphic nudity or sexual activity.
14. explicit definition: explicit is an adjective. It means stated plainly or made clear. Something that is explicit has been laid out in no uncertain detail and is easy to understand. In some cases, explicit is also used to denote vulgar or offensive language. See the example sentences below, The new top 40 hit was an explicit call from the singer
15. The word explicit is an adjective that describes an explanation or understanding as clear, developed, forthright, and/or unreserved. When something is “ explicit,” it provides a transparent meaning in a way that is ‘fully revealed,’ and without an implied, vague, or suggested connotation.
16. A good way to keep explicit vs implicit apart is to remember that Implicit is an Implied or Indirect statement. Both of these start with the letter “I.” explicit starts with an “E” and is Spelled Out, so there is no confusion. Summary. Implicit and explicit have near opposite meanings, so it’s important to remember their difference.
17. 2 people chose this as the best definition of explicit: The definition of explici See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
18. The argument for the implicit renunciation, of course, also strengthens the case for the explicit.: In this article we analyze the grammar of codes of ethics as a written locutionary act, and attempt to determine their implicit illocutionary and perlocutionary values.: His manifest vigour and sexuality were an implicit part of his appeal.: By the implicit laws of capitalism, I'm pretty sure
19. The idea is to have students consciously focus on and learn grammatical forms, as well as their purpose and position in a sentence. Issues. explicit instruction is an excellent tool for teaching
20. A function can be explicit or implicit: Explicit: "y = some function of x". When we know x we can calculate y directly. Implicit: "some function of y and x equals
21. explicit definition is - fully revealed or expressed without vagueness, implication, or ambiguity : leaving no question as to meaning or intent. How to use explicit in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of explicit.
22. Usage Notes "These two words come from the same Latin root meaning 'to fold.' When something is explicit, it's unfolded, laid open for people to see.Implicit is the opposite of that. It means 'folded in,' in the sense that its meaning is covered or contained within something else and isn't explicit. . . .
23. explicit consent then means that the data subject must give an express statement of consent, for instance in a written statement. However, although a signed statement is, obviously, very explicit, it isn’t the only way to get explicit consent the WP29 guidelines emphasize. explicit consent mechanisms and the duty to demonstrate consent
24. In summary, avoid and/or and simply use or, they mean the same thing. Context will suggest the correct interpretation of or without the need to be explicit. And if context is misleading and you must be explicit, say "A or B, or both".
25. explicit / IMPLICIT RELATIONSHIPS WITHIN AND BETWEEN SENTENCES 4. One of the first places of interest that visitors to Pittsburgh notice as they leave the airport is Golden Triangle Park. It is a scenic spot found at the point where three rivers – the Ohio,
26. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word explicit: . See explicit used in context: 37 poetry verses, 40 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone
27. explicit Definition: precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable; leaving nothing to implication. Examples: explicit instructions. VS. Implicit Definition: implied though not directly expressed; inherent in the nature of something. Examples: We had an implicit agreement not to raise the subject.
28. Examples of Innuendo in a sentence. Although the dialogue in the book is not sexually explicit, the writer makes great use of innuendo to convey his message. 🔊 The top advertisers frequently use a form of innuendo to sell their products. 🔊 Instead of being blunt with Henry about his drug problem, I tried using an innuendo to catch his
29. The term sentence in law refers to punishment that was actually ordered or could be ordered by a trial court in a criminal procedure. A sentence forms the final explicit act of a judge-ruled process as well as the symbolic principal act connected to their function.The sentence can generally involve a decree of imprisonment, a fine, and/or punishments against a defendant convicted of a crime.
30. Explicit: 1 adj precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable; leaving nothing to implication “ explicit instructions” “she made her wishes explicit ” “ explicit sexual scenes” Synonyms: expressed definite precise; explicit and clearly defined denotative , denotive having the power of explicitly denoting or designating or naming
31. explicit curriculum refers to the plan for learning set by a teacher or school board. A class's explicit curriculum is what that class is designed to teach. This includes the topics covered by the class and any documents included in the lesson plan, such as textbooks, films and web sources. explicit curriculum also refers to a teacher's plan
32. A short video about explicit and implicit information.-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http:///youtube/ -- Create animated videos a
33. Using Except in a Sentence. When to use except: Except can be a preposition or a conjunction that shows exclusion or exception. For example, In the song about the great flood, all of the animals got onto a boat to be rescued except the unicorns. ← Implicit vs. explicit – How to Use Each Correctly Peek vs. Peak vs. Pique
34. Council of Baltimore (1884) devoted very careful consideration to the subject of elementary schools and decreed in explicit terms the obligation of establishing a parochial school in every parish within two years of the promulgation of the decree, except where the bishop, on account of serious difficulties in the way (ob graviores difficultates
35. Evidence-based medicine is the conscientious explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients [1] Every part of this sentence is important. Consider the words themselves: What sort of evidence are we looking for? Current best evidence. Not perfect evidence, simply the best there is.

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