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1. evergreening definition: Verb 1. Present participle of evergreen.
2. Definition of evergreening in the D dictionary. Meaning of evergreening. What does evergreening mean? Information and translations of evergreening in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
3. It's difficult to see ausfta in a sentence . In Australia, anti-evergreening amendments to the " Therapeutic Goods Act 1983 ( Cth ) " were part of the package of legislation required to be passed by the Australian Government as a precondition to entry into force of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement ( AUSFTA ).
4. The patent authority cited a legal provision in India's 2005 patent law aimed at preventing companies from getting fresh patents for making only minor changes to existing medicines -- a practice known as "evergreening." Novartis appealed, arguing Glivec was a newer, more easily absorbed version of the drug that qualified for a fresh patent.
5. The Art of evergreening is mostly the exercise of subtraction. Like a fine sculpture, chip away at what’s unnecessary, and what you’re left with can be a work of art. This is done through skillful video editing. In a sentence, to evergreen your videos, increase production values and edit out dated, awkward, repetitive and irrelevant material.
6. These requirements are intended to prevent the use of accounting practices to generate funds for bribery or to disguise bribery on a company s books and records. them has systemic implications on the asset quality of banks giving loans for extraneous considerations and possibly evergreening or restructuring bad loans could lead to the build
7. Product-hopping or evergreening extends the monopoly on the brand-name drug and can keep a competitor drug out of the market. But NHS drugs rationing watchdog NICE initially said it not convinced that the drug would actually reduce heart attacks and strokes, given a lack of long-term clinical studies.
8. Provisions in the contract will assist in the practice of “evergreening,” where pharmaceutical firms limit usage of generic medicines by using various tactics to increase monopoly safety on drugs beyond the initial patent period, she said. the mobile app use has surpassed the desktop use before few years. Then put in a sentence

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