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[inˈlīvən, enˈlīvən]



improve, enhance, season, leaven, revitalize, vitalize, uplift, gladden, hearten, stimulate,

"Enlivened" in Example Sentences

1. How to use enlivened in a sentence. Example sentences with the word enlivened. enlivened example sentences.
2. How To Use enlivened In A Sentence? The seriousness of these disquisitions has been occasionally enlivened by a spice of pleasantry. Francesco made light of the siege in a manner that enlivened every soul present with relief. Lee spoke, looking back at the brown faces enlivened by the ruddy glare of the fires.
3. Use "enliven" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Enliven in a sentence. Enliven; the hearer will come away enlivened by the jests, instructed by the serious parts, full of admiration at the incidents, his wits sharpened by the arguments, warned by the tricks, all the wiser for
4. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word enlivened: . See enlivened used in context: 2 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API Blog
5. Present continuous I am enlivening you are enlivening he/she/it is enlivening we are enlivening you are enlivening they are enlivening: Present perfect I have enlivened you have enlivened he/she/it has enlivened we have enlivened you have enlivened they have enlivened: Future I will enliven you will enliven he/she/it will enliven we will enliven you will enliven they will enliven
6. enlivened definition: Verb 1. simple past tense and past participle of enliven
7. The whole enlivened, and rendered more variegated, and fanciful, by the various windings of the Chester river. This is a tranquil lofty space, white-painted, lined down each wall with illuminated rendered alcoves and upholstered benches. The setting is rendered even more magical with white lights and luminarias for the holidays.
8. See the Black Sheep draymen sharing a ribald joke as they lower a barrel down the drop, there it is.: The material is frequently ribald, often racy, and always laced with profanity.: In a word, it was a most pleasant evening, enlivened with ribald laughter from a group of geriatric golfers!: His work, like the man himself, is ribald, often obscene, but never vulgar.
9. How To Use Solitude In A Sentence? I had not been long under the roof of the Count, when our solitude was enlivened by another inhabitant. The spot was a lonely one, lonely with that oppressive solitude always to be found where the great hills of ages rear their towering heads.
10. To become enlivened and stimulated. Examples of Animate in a sentence. Once the upbeat music began, it seemed to animate the toddlers into jumping and dancing all around the room. 🔊 Several cups of coffee were the only thing that would animate the handymen enough to begin working on the house. 🔊
11. English words and Examples of Usage use "whomever" in a sentence Give it to whomever you like. Whomever she invites, she is kind. and where he enlivened the circle around him with his conversation, which was not only instructive, but playfully gay, and entertaining, ever striving to amuse, and always successful in
12. How to use enlarged in a sentence? volume_up adjective hypertrophied myocardial fibers; the enlarged photograph revealed many details; enlarged joints Nearby Words enhancive enigmatic enigmatical enjoyable enkindled enlarged enlightened enlightening enlivened enlivening enmeshed
13. It's difficult to see in a jiffy in a sentence . But this cannot happen in a jiffy. A few-- the parfaits and sundaes-- can be whipped up in a jiffy-- just prior to serving. It goes together in a jiffy with a zippy homemade sauce enlivened with cilantro, cumin and horseradish.
14. Weltschmerz in a sentence - Use "weltschmerz" in a sentence 1. From where did all this Weltschmerz come ? he asked. 2. Craft gave the music a punch that enlivened its Weltschmerz. click for more sentences of weltschmerz
15. Home > Deference in a sentence. FEW fireworks enlivened the televised debates between the three candidates in Indonesia’s presidential election on July 8th, conducted in a mood of deference and courtesy. 76. In deference to Lord Srikrishna's wishes , the Kauravas relinquish their claim to Draupadi.
16. Source: 'Daily Use'. This is a sweet tale for younger children, enlivened with sound-effects, movable characters and a pelmanism -like block-matching game for when the story's over. ( open , save , copy )
17. Examples of verged in a Sentence 문장 verge (“Tell Me Who You Are”), about a wealthy Malian family in crisis , has some fascinating Almodóvarian overtones , and it is enlivened by the extravagant , divaesque dignity of Sokona Gakou in the role of a woman on the verge of a marital breakdown . 14. Divaesque. 107 likes.
18. When a writer consistently uses unnecessary “to be” verbs, the writing can sound dull and lifeless. Flat, wordy writing may cause the reader to lose interest. As a writer learns to substitute stronger, more expressive verbs for “to be” verbs, the enlivened writing is likely to hold the reader’s interest more effectively.
19. Insidious: Chapter 3 isn't as terrifying as the original, although it boasts surprising thematic depth and is enlivened by another fine performance from Lin. Insidious: Chapter 3 received a mixed response from critics, and Shaye's performance was well-received by critics and audiences. 13, 1999, The New Yorker) -ESSAY: Conscious objector: The
20. 6. The playwright's persona enlivened the narration with great subtlety. 7. The picaresque novel is perhaps the most intriguing of sub-genres in literature. 8. Stephen King is among the most popular of authors who uses a pseudonym. 9. Lost in reminiscence of Rosaline, the character of Romeo had yet to discover the true meaning of love. 10.

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