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1. For the use of this oxide in the electrolytic oxidation and reduction of organic compounds, see German Patents 172654 (1903) and 183022 (1905). 0 This would necessitate chemical action at the junction when a current passed through it, as in an electrolytic cell, whereas the action appears to be purely thermal, and leads to a consistent theory
2. Synonyms: 1.Legal: 1. Even with regular use, electrolytics fail with age by drying out or leaking electrolyte following internal corrosion. If the electrolytic bulges, shows obvious loss of electrolyte, or simply can't be reformed you must replace it. 2. How to use capacitor in a sentence.
3. electrolytic definition is - of or relating to electrolysis or an electrolyte; also : produced by or used in electrolysis. How to use electrolytic in a sentence.
4. Examples of electrolytic cell in a sentence, how to use it. 25 examples: An electrolytic cell has three component parts: an electrolyte and two…
5. Significant mentions of the word electrolytic: . See electrolytic used in context: several books and articles.: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API Blog
6. What does electrolytic mean? Information and translations of electrolytic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Examples of electrolytic in a Sentence. Roger Arnold: Why do the Germans even concern themselves with electrolytic hydrogen, which I believe isthe method they expect to use to make the hydrogen for
7. The key technology and technics which use Simons electrolyze trough with a falcial anode to synthesize lithium fluoroalkylphosphates are discussed in this paperSentence dictionary: 5. In order to electrolyze dressing wheel of metal binding agent the electrolytic grinding fluid is developed: 6.
8. Perhaps the best known example of electrolysis is the electrolytic decomposition of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen. This decomposition of an electrolyte caused by passing an electric current through it is called electrolysis. A thin covering of pure silver is applied to a base metal, often copper or nickel, by means of electrolysis.
9. Electrode in a sentence up(0) down(0) The negative electrode of an electrolytic cell. 14. We have the saturated calomel electrode. 15. An electrode, as in a storage battery or capacitor. 16. Analysis on influence of ground electrode current in HVDC on AC power network. 17.
10. The devices use two external polarised electrolytic capacitors that can also be reconfigured to double the supply voltage. It is possible that each of two generators produces a spark at the same time during a voltage step. Excitation of a suspension of such vesicles with a flash of light generated a voltage step across the membrane.
11. electrolytic definition: 1. of or produced by electrolysis 2. of or containing an electrolyte In light Kundt's name is widely known for his inquiries in anomalous dispersion, not only in liquids and vapours, but even in metals, which he obtained in very thin films by means of a laborious process of electrolytic deposition upon platinized glass.; A third class of electric wave detector
12. electrolytic capacitor definition: nounA type of capacitor used to conduct current in a single direction, in which one oxide-coated plate serves as the dielectric while the other is replaced by an electrolyte.
13. Decomposition reaction in a sentence - Use "decomposition reaction" in a sentence 1. They are the thermal, electrolytic and catalytic thermal types of decomposition reactions. 2. The anion of the parent compound acts as the oxidizer in the decomposition reaction. click for more sentences of decomposition reaction
14. How to use electroanalysis in a sentence. electroanalysis best definitions, pronunciation, history, synonyms, examples earliest use found in George M'Gowan (b. 1853). (Source: ) chemical analysis by electrolytic methods; .
15. In space applications, electrolytic cells powered by solar cells have been used to produce hydrogen and oxygen for various purposes. When not needed, hydrogen has been released into space. An alternative approach would be to convert hydrogen and oxygen into drinking water for use by astronauts inside the space lab.
16. How To Use Refined In A Sentence? Your memory is affectionately cherished by all the more refined and sympathetic souls among us. Silver is also refined by electrolytic methods similar to those used in refining copper. This man was of an extremely brutal disposition,
17. Translate electrolytic cell into Spanish. Find words for electrolytic cell in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir electrolytic cell de Inglés a español.
18. 39- tellurium can also be refined by electrolytic reduction of sodium telluride. We believe you will easily learn to write and use the word “tellurium” in a sentence. You can practice spelling and usage of the word by getting 10 examples of sentences with “tellurium”.
19. What, if any, is the right way to use "and lo" in a sentence? My basic structure is "[discussion about thing], and lo, [example of thing]", kind of like: There's a cliche about circus clowns being creepy and dangerous, and lo, last night I saw a clown violating a teddy bear. Can an electrolytic capacitor withstand 0.1V reverse polarity?
20. electrolytic capacitor definition at D, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!
21. Use “depend” in a sentence | “depend” sentence examples electrolytic or magnetic detector. You must live within yourself, and depend upon yourself always tucked up and ready for a start, and not have many affairs. روش برتر یادگیری مؤثر لغت انگلیسی depend
22. N Nickel plating: The electrolytic deposition of nickel to forma corrosion barrier or to reclaim a worn part. a n v d [verb] 3. The arrivals area in Terminal 2 has only one baggage reclaim carousel, a lost luggage office and several car hire companies. USE IN A SENTENCE. RECENT.
23. What is Electrolysis The electrolytic process of deposition of superior metal on the surface of the base metal or article Is known as electro plating It make. SEPUP Electrolysis Simulation. Figure %: Setup for the Electrolysis of Water. How to use electrolysis in a sentence.
24. Definitions of electrolytic: . noun: a fixed capacitor consisting of two electrodes separated by an electrolyte ; adjective: of or relating to or containing an electrolyte ; adjective: of or concerned with or produced by electrolysis
25. An electrolytic cell. 0 0 1 Do you capitalize the words gold silver and iron in a sentence? If you are talking about something with the title of gold, silver or iron like a book or a film then
26. ‘Therefore, in electrolytic cells, the cathode is the negative terminal and the anode is the positive terminal.’ More example sentences ‘Most fuel cells use a polymer electrolyte membrane to separate the cathode and anode.’

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