Use divert in a sentence

Word suggestions (4): Divert, Diverted, Diver, Divest


[dəˈvərt, dīˈvərt]


diverts (third person present) · diverted (past tense) · diverted (past participle) · diverting (present participle)

  - cause (someone or something) to change course or turn from one direction to another.

  - draw (the attention) of someone from something.


reroute, redirect, deflect, avert, transfer, channel, distract, detract, sidetrack, focus,

"Divert" in Example Sentences

1. How to use divert in a sentence. Example sentences with the word divert. divert example sentences.
2. Examples of divert in a sentence I decided to divert the conversation away from the topic of politics. The thieves knew to divert the shopkeeper’s attention so they could steal the items.
3. 134+6 sentence examples: 1. The company should divert more resources into research. 2. To prevent flooding; we shall have to divert the river from its course. 3. John used to divert himself with billiards. 4. How can we divert her thoughts from her s
4. How do you use divert in a sentence. Journalists, spelling bee organizers, and those who would like to gain additional insight into the meaning of words may find this page particularly useful. The lines of text below use divert in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for divert. Also see sentences for: diverted.
5. divert definition is - to turn aside : deviate. How to use divert in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of divert.
6. How do you use the word divert in a sentence? here are a few examples The river was blocked in order to divert the flow away from the site where the new dam was to be built. The health service are
7. Learn the definition of the word "divert" and how to use divert in a sentence. divert example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste.

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