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1. How to use dismiss in a sentence. Example sentences with the word dismiss. dismiss example sentences.
2. Definition of dismiss. to signal an individual to leave an area or position. Examples of dismiss in a sentence. Soon the last bell will dismiss the pupils for summer break. 🔊 The sergeant will dismiss the recruits after the morning briefing. 🔊 Because of a decline in sales, the company owner has no choice but to dismiss a few workers. 🔊
3. How to use dismiss in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word dismiss? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. A rap over the knuckles that the government can choose to dismiss if it wants. The court of appeal may dismiss the appeal, quash the judgment, or request a retrial by a trial court.
4. 260+6 sentence examples: 1. The committee has decided to dismiss him. 2. It's not feasible to dismiss him. 3. Most orthodox doctors however dismiss this as complete nonsense. 4. I think we can safely dismiss their objections. 5. She tried to dismiss
5. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "dismiss" Jones' dismissal from the company was due to his frequent absences, and his lack of hard workClass had to be dismissed a half hour early because the teacher became ill. Mr. Jones' dismissal from the company was due to his frequent absences, and his lack of hard work.
6. dismiss definition is - to permit or cause to leave. How to use dismiss in a sentence.
7. dismiss with prejudice in a sentence - Use "dismiss with prejudice" in a sentence 1. I say, dismiss with prejudice. 2. No settlement monies were paid . " On February 5, 1992, Werner Erhard and Associates filed a motion to dismiss with prejudice, titled : " Request for Dismissal-Full-With Prejudice ". click for more sentences of dismiss with prejudice
8. dismiss in a sentence Example Sentences for "dismiss" If criminal activity is suspected in regards to a bank account in Switzerland, the bank's respect for the secrecy of the client can be dismissed. In May of 1912, fifteen women were dismissed from their jobs in a publishing company in the U.S. for dancing at work. When economic reforms in China authorized managers to dismiss workers to boost
9. Use dismissv in a sentence, dismissv meaning?, dismissv definition, how to use dismissv in a sentence, use dismissv in a sentence with examples: 18. Use "dismiss" in a sentence Please don't dismiss (evade) the question as "merely: Recently Searched › Caplets [ˈkaplət] › dismissv [disˈmisiv] › Ersatzers [ˈerˌzäts, ˈerˌsäts]
10. 66+4 sentence examples: 1. Some historians have been dismissive of this argument. 2. Mr Jones was dismissive of the report, saying it was riddled with inaccuracies. 3. Her voice was cool and dismissive. 4. She was very dismissive of his achievements.
11. Dismissal in a sentence - Use "dismissal" in a sentence 1. The motion asks for dismissal of the murder charges against Simpson. 2. He presumably hopes that his dismissal of Burlakov will save Grachev. click for more sentences of dismissal
12. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word dismiss: . See dismiss used in context: 61 poetry verses, 19 Shakespeare works, 11 definitions
13. Significant mentions of the word dismiss: . See dismiss used in context: 61 poetry verses, 19 Shakespeare works, 11 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone
14. Sentence Examples for dismiss. He was dismissed from the party on charges of corruption. How to use dismiss in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of dismiss.
15. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Use dismissable in a sentence, dismissable meaning?, dismissable definition, how to use dismissable in a sentence, use dismissable in a sentence with examples: able definition: Adjective (comparative more dismissable, superlative most dismissable) 1. Capable of being dismissed.Most of their arguments were dismissable as obvious fallacies.Origin dismiss +‎ -able
16. Translations of the phrase CASE dismissed from english to indonesian and examples of the use of "CASE dismissed" in a sentence with their translations: Case dismissed !
17. To have a newspaper editor publicly dismiss the inspired work of his hard-working colleagues across the country as pabulum was disappointing but not disheartening. So monotonous it was, so cheerless, so disheartening, so melancholy, that all longed, but in vain, for any variety, no matter how terrible it might be.
18. The slide began when less than a month after celebrating the seventh anniversary of his coup against elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan launched his own "second coup" on 3 November 2007, putting the constitution in "abeyance", dismissing the Supreme Court that was getting ready to rule against his
19. How do you use 'currently' and 'dismiss' in the same sentence?. Asked by Wiki User. 3 4 5
20. In consequence of your bad work I am forced to dismiss you. There are some examples on Linguee that use both In "Negative consequences of fast-developing toursim for the enviroment and local societies", it's The consequence was a vibration of the mica diaphragm to which the stylus was attached. 2.
21. Unfortunately, most books about the C programming language dismiss volatile in a sentence or two. [Proper use of volatile is part of the bug-killing Embedded C Coding Standard . C's volatile keyword is a qualifier that is applied to a variable when it is declared.
22. Also, a prosecutor might agree to dismiss a charge simply because it would trigger a stiff mandatory sentence—in that instance, the judge may be allowed to consider it. Proof of the dismissed charge was unreliable. Even though most states don’t apply the rules of evidence to sentencing hearings, the judge may not be able to consider a
23. Whether it is intended more formally with its straightforward meaning or ironically to dismiss an idea or opinion, it’s important when writing the expression to spell it correctly. Don’t make these mistakes when writing duly noted: Dully noted: When spelled correctly, the phrase duly noted has only one l, not two.
24. Skilling's lawyer, Dan Petrocelli, called the unanimous decision "an exhilarating victory" and predicted a lower court will be forced to dismiss all charges against his client. Source null The current Senate has passed, by the way, 855 bills in secret by so-called unanimous consent, which is simply a code expression for passing it without
25. Cashier definition is - to dismiss from service; especially : to dismiss dishonorably. How to use cashier in a sentence.
26. Should he not, I shall dismiss him summarily, and proceed against him for the moneys he has misappropriate d to his own use, and you may so inform him. a n v d [Please select] Do you have a better example in your mind?
27. How to use the word talk of in a sentence. It is not for the vanquished to talk of war. When he was young, he was the talk of town. He is the talk of the town. I don’t know whether she believed me or not but in any case it seems she doesn’t automatically dismiss talk of the supernatural. Any talk of a deal is premature.
28. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. Here's a list of 23 popular terms and the correct way to use each
29. However, you can’t use a semicolon and a conjunction at the same time. It means when you use a semicolon, you can dismiss the and, but, and or; you don’t need both on a sentence. Here’s a hint, when you use a comma and an and to link the related clauses, think of semicolon as a replacement and.
30. How to Use C's Volatile Keyword. 1 Jul 2001 Unfortunately, most books about the C programming language dismiss volatile in a sentence or two. [Proper use of volatile is part of the
31. (verb) The couple waited until after they were married to consummate their relationship. (verb) To consummate the merger, the business had to dismiss its top managers. (adjective) He was a

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