Use discontinued in a sentence




  - (of a product) no longer available or produced.


  - cease doing or providing (something), typically something provided on a regular basis.


stop, end, terminate, finish, cancel, drop, abolish, suspend, interrupt, withdraw,

"Discontinued" in Example Sentences

1. In their simplest form, they are merely a row of slender stakes of larch or other wood driven into the ground, and connected by a slight rod or fillet at top. The use of iron rails has now been almost wholly discontinued on account of metallic substances acting as powerful conductors of both heat and cold in equal extremes.
2. discontinued in a sentence 🔊 Definition of discontinued . How to use discontinued in Sentences? 1. For these reasons it never had a large circulation, and it was discontinued after four years. 🔊 2. The custom was discontinued for many years, but was revived by the vicar in 1828. 🔊 3.
3. 1. Discontinue use in a sentence discontinuing in a sentence terminate in a sentence discontinuation in a sentence cease in a sentence discontinued in a sentence inuation of home phototherapy is safe once the total serum bilirubin level has decreased to less than 15 mg/dL in healthy full-term infants older than four days.: 2. How to use discontinuation in a sentence.

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