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crushes (third person present) · crushed (past tense) · crushed (past participle) · crushing (present participle)

  - deform, pulverize, or force inwards by compressing forcefully.

  - (of a government or state) violently subdue (opposition or a rebellion).

  - bring about a feeling of overwhelming disappointment or embarrassment in (someone).


crushes (plural noun)

  - a crowd of people pressed closely together, especially in an enclosed space.

  - a drink made from the juice of pressed fruit.


squash, squeeze, press, compress, pulp, mash, macerate, mangle, flatten, splat,

"Crush" in Example Sentences

1. The use of preparing rolls with corrugations, to crush and equalize the feed of canes to the mill, or to the first of a series of mills, has become general. In 691 Abdalmalik (`Abdul-Malik) determined to crush his rival and sent his general Hajjaj against Mecca.
2. The Word "Crush" in Example Sentences Page 1. 2243130 They got crushed. CK 1 1868052 Tom looks crushed. CK 1 291225 He crushed the box. CK 1 2358683 I have a crush on you. CK 1 2358682 I have a crush on Mary. CK 1 2359569 I've got a crush on you. CK 1 2400170 Tom had a crush on Mary. CK 1 1028772 Tom has a crush on Mary.
3. Carcinogen crush in a sentence - Use "carcinogen crush" in a sentence 1. ""'Carcinogen crush "'" is a song by American AFI . It was originally written for their sixth studio album " Sing the Sorrow ", but the band felt that it did not fit on the album. 4. 4.
4. Examples of crush in a sentence The politician urged lawmakers to reduce taxes, claiming that high rates crush the small business owner’s spirit. One recipe calls for a food processor to crush the whole biscuits into tiny breadcrumbs.
5. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "crush" Make sure you crush all the tin cans before putting them in the recyclingThe student crushed his notes into a ball, and threw them in the waste paper basket. Make sure you crush all the tin cans before putting them in the recycling. The old cars are crushed, and then melted down for the metal.
6. Sentences using the word crush. Journalists, professors, & those learning a new language might especially like this page. The lines of text below use crush in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for crush.
7. How to use crush in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word crush? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. The next day, I found out my crush was too shy to call and had gotten his kid brother to do it for him.
8. 1. The ladies went the round of the tables, in a crush of other ladies, all rapturous.. 2. I shall never forget his first oath to her; it seemed to crush the light out of her heart.. 3. She gave him her hand, and he took it in his fat palm, carefully, lest he crush it.. 4.
9. If you want to use the word crush in a sentence it depends on how you want to use it. Like, you could put " She crushed the dried leaves up and put them in a bowl" or "He had a crush on her" etc
10. How to use crush in a sentence. . crusher noun : 9. English words and Examples of Usage use "gape" in a sentence Gyratory crushers are designated in size either by the gape and mantle diameter or by the size of the receiving opening. As Groan, Gordo and gape attack the doors of phlegm, Stump, who has recovered from his shoulder wound, helps out

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