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collection, cluster, assortment, mix, variety, medley, miscellany, selection, combination, accumulation,

"Conglomeration" in Example Sentences

1. How to use conglomeration in a sentence. Example sentences with the word conglomeration. conglomeration example sentences.
2. And it may even be a small sign of the baleful effects of media industry conglomeration.: Tuberculoma is a mass of granulation tissue made up of a conglomeration of microscopic small tubercles.: Granola, usually a conglomeration of oats, sugar, nuts and seeds, is essentially muesli, but without the dried fruit.: The album is structured as one song split over two sides, a 40 minute
3. 1. How to use conglomeration in a sentence. Example sentences with the word conglomeration.conglomeration example sentences.: 2. And it may even be a small sign of the baleful effects of media industry conglomeration.:Tuberculoma is a mass of granulation tissue made up of a conglomeration of microscopic small tubercles.: Granola, usually a conglomeration of oats, sugar, nuts and seeds, is
4. conglomeration definition is - the act of conglomerating : the state of being conglomerated. How to use conglomeration in a sentence.
5. 1. Suddenly a conglomeration of men, guns, and unexploded shells was hurled into the air.; 2. In the detailed application of this principle to the world of things we have a conglomeration of extraordinary fancies and extravagances.; 3. It is appalling to see the conglomeration of indigestible substances which a sick person is allowed to eat.; 4. It is surely a motley throng and the tower of
6. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "conglomeration "The mixture of foods produces a conglomeration of tastes in which any particular or distinct flavours are obscured, resulting in a general sameness.
7. Use "conglomeration" in a sentence The City is a conglomeration of many cities, fused into one large city with a gigantic downtown and an impressive skyline. Another cause of this gallery conglomeration was the conversion of an old building into Gallery 1313, with extensive financial assistance by the Telecom service.
8. The cover story questions whether the conglomeration of media outlets will corrupt journalism. Their collective complaint, known to every reader of The Nation , was duly recorded: Media conglomeration is bad for journalism and society. In that case, the conglomeration of so many different kinds of assets might be seen as anti-competitive.
9. conglomeration in a sentence. January 29, 2020 Sentence Dictionary. Sentence with the word conglomeration. And, during your own campaign, you admitted, in the context of health-care reform, that the multinational insurance conglomeration is so firmly entrenched that you would be unable to dispense with it.
10. conglomeration definition: 1. a conglomerating or being conglomerated 2. a collection, mixture, or mass of miscellaneous thingsOrigin of conglomerationLate Latin conglomeratio
11. Examples of conglomerations in a sentence: 1. He then proceeded to rip open the pillows and bolsters, and took from them some queer conglomerations of feathers. 2. Instead of conglomerations of fifteen or sixteen wedges in a single character, we have in the Medo-Persic letters a maximum of five wedges.
12. conglomeration in Chinese : :团块…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences.
13. Sentence Examples for conglomeration. india is an example of conglomeration How to use conglomeration in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of conglomeration.
14. Translate conglomeration into Spanish. Find words for conglomeration in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir conglomeration de Inglés a español.
15. conglomeration quotes from YourDictionary: The apartments of the rich are cabinets of curiosities: a conglomeration of classical antiquity, gothic, renaissance; Louis XIII Something from every century but our own, a predicament that has arisen in no
16. Can you use conglomoration in a sentence? Wiki User 2010-12-23 02:46:03. To most people the conglomeration was just junk but to some. people it was art! Related Questions.
17. conglomeration is a 14 letter word, used as a noun, an SAT word a compound word, and has the letters acegilmnnooort (acegilmnort). Starts with c, ends with n, eight consonants, six vowels and five syllables. Learn how to use the easiest words finder here.
18. A conglomeration is a mixture consisting of many different parts, or the act of coming together of those parts. Asked in Synonyms and Antonyms What is the opposite of nation?
19. How to use himself-he in a sentence. Himself-he pronunciation. Man is a kind of Universe in himself-he too is a conglomeration of atoms-atoms that are active, reproductive, and desirous of perpetual creativeness. play. copy. Every man measures others by himself-he has only one standard.
20. 1. Use conglomerationlate in a sentence, conglomerationlate meaning?, conglomerationlate definition, how to use conglomerationlate in a sentence, use conglomerationlate in a sentence with examples: Recently Searched › conglomerationlate › Drill [dril] › Tautly [ˈtôtlē] › Implant › Reddish [ˈrediSH] › Euphorically: 2. Use conglomerationlate in a sentence, conglomerationlate
21. Use celerity in a sentence. Usain Bolt has tremendous celerity. Glomus. Latin for ball. Conglomeration, noun. a collection of unrelated things. Use conglomeration in a sentence. Ms. Pearce's closet is a conglomeration of geegaws and assorted bric-a-brac. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE 56 terms. GRE.
22. It is a conglomeration of corporations.; According to Asinius Quadratus their name indicates that they were a conglomeration of various tribes.; Every one of the kingdoms grouped round the two sovereigns who shared modern Spain was itself a loose conglomeration of classes.; A conglomeration of Independent Principalities.; It originated with the Salian Franks, often simply called Salians, the
23. The rastaman is the ultimate Freedom Fighter, battling the conglomeration of sexism, racism, classism, colonialism, and cultural denigration. 3. Classism in a sentence - Use "classism" in a sentence 1. The resistance among advertisers stems, Schiff suggests, from classism. 2. 6. Home > Clubman in a sentence.
24. Definition of conglomeration in the D dictionary. Meaning of conglomeration. What does conglomeration mean? Information and translations of conglomeration in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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