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[ˈkōl ˌmīn]



"Coalmine" in Example Sentences

1. 1. Use coalmine in a sentence | coalmine definition. How to Use canary in the coalmine Correctly – Grammarist Grammarist is a professional online English grammar dictionary, that provides a variety of grammatical tools, rules and tips in order to improve your. 18. 2. Use coalmine in a sentence | coalmine definition. How to Use canary in the coalmine Correctly – Grammarist Grammarist is a
2. The practice was phased out, at least in the U.S. and the U.K., by the late 20th century, but the phrase canary in the coal mine lives as a metaphor for any warning of serious danger to come.The canary is not prophetic until it is brought in the coalmine, so the metaphor works especially well if the prophetic thing is small, innocent, and not prophetic under normal circumstances.
3. coalmine definition: Noun (plural coalmines) 1. Alternative spelling of coal mine.Origin coal +‎ mine
4. Iron.The iron-mines of France are more numerous than its coalmines, but they do not yield a sufficient quantity of ore for the needs of the metallurgical industries of the country; as will be seen in the table below the production of iron in France gradually increased during the 19th century; on the other hand, a decline in prices operated against a correspondingly marked increase in its
5. coalmine definition: a system of excavations made for the extraction of coal | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
6. Definition of coalmine in the D dictionary. Meaning of coalmine. What does coalmine mean? Information and translations of coalmine in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
7. coalmine Records was created in 2005. Asked in Drama and Acting, Theater What is a prop? A prop is any object used by the actors on stage. Asked in Karnataka, Bangalore, Maharasthra State Entrance
8. Antisemitism matters: Jews are the canary in the coalmine This article is more than 2 years old. Jonathan Freedland. Conspiracy theories, fake news, demonisation of unpopular groups: if these
9. Canaries in your coalmine by Philip Johnston . Which of your current students might be ex- students by this time next year? It’s not always who you might think…IMT takes a look at 14 warning signs that a student is thinking about moving on. THE “LET’S TAKE A BREAK” CONVERSATIONS that really hurt are the ones you don’t see coming.
10. Teaching aid local resourses example coalmine. CHAT SỐNG. Modern Teaching Aids - Australia's largest supplier of Modern Teaching Aids. Modern Teaching Aids carries the largest range of teaching resources and education supplies available in Australia for primary schools, high schools, secondary schools, childcare centres, daycare centres
11. Coalfield, coalmine, coalminer. Coalite TM. This 2010 example from the Guardian is an awful (but by no means isolated) example of the tendency to use a semicolon where only a colon will do
12. The latest Tweets from aka coalmine canary (@pinksqrl). I'm not addicted to drugs, I'm addicted to glamour. body in 512, heart in 214

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