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customer, buyer, purchaser, shopper, consumer, user, patient, patron, regular, frequenter,

"Client" in Example Sentences

1. The use of client group accounts for safe custody of savings by members has been discussed above. 0 She successfully represented a client in proceedings against a solicitor and recovered the repayment of monies obtained by deception and costs.
2. 211+14 sentence examples: 1. The lawyer proved the innocence of his client. 2. A lawyer acts for his client. 3. I have a client with me right now. 4. Discussions between a lawyer and client are privileged communications. 5. The boss asked the secreta
3. It may therefore be assumed that long before the clients obtained the right to hold land in their own names and appear in the courts in their own persons there was a free plebs existing alongside of the patricians enjoying limited rights of citizenship. But it is equally certain that before the time of Servius Tullius the rights and duties of citizenship were practically exercised only by the
4. The client wanted a weekend retreat, with space for guests, which would respond to the beauty of the setting.: If I'm going to spend three hours meeting with a client on site or in my office, the retainer must be provided first.: It doesn't take long for an adjuster working for a particular insurance company client to detect a pattern of underinsurance on the coverages.
5. 1. The use of client group accounts for safe custody of savings by members has been discussed above. 0 She successfully represented a client in proceedings against a solicitor and recovered the repayment of monies obtained by deception and costs.: 2. 211+14 sentence examples: 1. The lawyer proved the innocence of his client.2. A lawyer acts for his client.
6. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "client" Their jewelry store caters to a very rich clienteleMany of our clients have come to us by way of the recommendation of a friend. Their jewelry store caters to a very rich clientele. She has been a valued client of our company for years. The office sent Christmas cards to all its clients.
7. client sentence examples:1.q: a grateful client sent me a lovely fruit basket, but by the time it arrived, much of it was day, he saw a man coming up the sidewalk. he decided to make a big impression on this new client when he will test all the three ( server, Client, and group membership lo
8. Examples of client in a sentence, how to use it. 98 examples: They foster our objective of improving access to justice for clients. - Alien…
9. Examples of clientele in a sentence. A good restaurant will design its menu to suit the tastes of its clientele or customers. 🔊 If we don’t treat our clientele well, they won’t return to our store. 🔊 Most of the spa’s clientele are women. 🔊 The strip club’s clientele includes a number of politicians and wealthy business owners
10. Definition of client: General: Customer of a professional service provider, or the principal of an agent or contractor. Use 'client' in a Sentence. This week, the lawyer would be working with his new client, who was suing a company for malpractice and needed help with it.
11. Examples of how to use “client application” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs
12. client definition is - one that is under the protection of another : dependent. How to use client in a sentence.
13. 2247886 I'm a client.CK 1 2272775 Tom is a client.CK 1 1891160 I'm with a client.CK 1 2273338 Tom is our client.CK 1 2248065 I'm losing clients.CK 1 2243660 They're our clients.CK 1 2647490 Tom isn't my client.CK 1 2547576 Tom is with a client.CK 1 2359383 I have clients to call. CK 1 2359384 I have clients waiting. CK 1 1517839 Tom is meeting with a client.
14. 1. 1. 1. clientside in a sentence: i want to call clientside function onInit and should be able get the return value "onload"; And for those business methods which would be called by clientside script should : 7. client in a sentence 🔊 Short Sentences for client. 1. 2. How to use client in a sentence. 2. 1. How to use client in a sentence. 12. 2. 2.
15. Use "client" in a sentence I asked the client to advance me $500 for materials at the beginning of the contract. She has been a valued client of our company for years. A lawyer must defend his client to the best of his ability even if he himself doubts his innocence. The Bay is the biggest client for our lawn and garden furniture line.
16. client definition: The definition of a client means a customer or a person who uses services. (noun) An example of a client is a student being tutored at a college writing center.
17. Client. A client is someone who engages the services of a professional. For example, lawyers, plumbers, freelance writers, accountants, and web designers often work for clients. So these writers use the word well:
18. Client: In the real world, businesses have clients. In the computer world, servers have clients. The "client-server" architecture is common in both local and wide area networks. For example, if an office has a server that stores the company's database on it, the other computers in the office that can access the datbase are "clients" of the server.
19. A client in a sentence 🔊 Short Example Sentence for A client . 1. A client of yours, eh? 🔊 2. In the forlorn hope of a client Aristide went in after him. 🔊 3. I mean Hilarus, an accountant and a client of your own. 🔊 4. He was a client of mine, and died at Mentone. 🔊 5.
20. Examples of client in a sentence. The attorney required the client to pay a 500 dollar fee before he would begin working on her case. 🔊 Each client must book an appointment with the hairstylist a week in advance if they want services. 🔊 Because the client showed up late to the meeting, he will have to wait to talk to someone about
21. Attorney client privilege in a sentence - Use "attorney client privilege" in a sentence 1. When her identity was revealed, Quackenbush put her on an administrative leave for violation of attorney client privilege. 2. He added that in past cases federal courts have uniformly held that the attorney client privilege cannot be overridden by a showing of need. click for more sentences of attorney
22. client base in a sentence - Use "client base" in a sentence 1. She's fairly new at hairstyling and is still building a client base. 2. Only 9 percent of Schwab's overall client base falls into that category. click for more sentences of client base
23. client definition: A client of a professional person or organization is a person or company that receives a | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
24. How do you use client in a sentence? Wiki User 2015-07-27 15:03:21" My secretary informed me that we have a new client" Related Questions. Asked in Sentence and Word Structure, Example Sentences
25. ‘Nationbuilding's effect on a client state can be profound and more enduring than that achieved solely through diplomatic efforts.’ ‘In reality, however, the Netherlands became a client state of France in 1795 and was even annexed by the latter in 1810.’
26. Another notable characteristic of person- or client-centered therapy is the use of the term “client” rather than “patient.” Therapists who practice this type of approach see the client and therapist as a team of equal partners rather than an expert and a patient (McLeod, 2015). Carl Rogers: The Founder of Client-Centered Therapy
27. How do you use the word client in a sentence? Wiki User 2011-11-26 07:45:20. I have an appointment with a new client to review our product. line. Related Questions. Asked in Example Sentences
28. Examples of 'client' in a sentence client. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. A client is someone for whom a professional person or organization is providing a service or doing some work. The company took the clients' fees in advance.
29. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word client: . See client used in context: 16 poetry verses, 1 Shakespeare work, 48 definitions
30. Example sentences for: client- How can you use “client-” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: In April 2001, just beyond the reporting period, LSC held a three-day conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania, entitled "Creating Client-Centered State Communities of Justice".. In the last several years, LSC has hosted numerous conferences where
31. A client may refer to any of the following:. 1. A client is a computer that connects to and uses the resources of a remote computer, or server.Many corporate networks comprise a client computer for each employee, each of which connects to the corporate server. The server provides resources like files, information, Internet and intranet access, and external processing power.

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