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1. How to use candleholders in a sentence. Example sentences with the word candleholders. candleholders example sentences.
2. Read reviews for Mirror candleholders with Glittery Accents, 4.5 in. 5.0 (3) Clear Ribbed Glass Tealight Candleholders, 3.125x2.125 in. 10. Justify your Christmas candle obsession with these Christmas candle holders that you can use as centerpieces, decorations, and more. We've rounded up the 25 best Christmas candleholders right here. 11.
3. candleholders definition: Noun 1. plural form of candleholder
4. Good cups to use are the small votive candleholders easily found where candles are purchased. Even on the street itself are votive shrines set into the wall, lovingly adorned with plastic flowers or swags of neon lights. The image registers, simultaneously, as both very crude and utterly credible, like a votive offering to our technological age.
5. Turn large red and green apples into candleholders by removing half the core. It's difficult to see green apple in a sentence . In 2007, Green Apple expanded to include Chicago and San Francisco. 2 tart green apples such as Granny Smith, cored, cut into thick wedges; Many Singaporeans believe the snakehead, when cooked with green apples
6. (9) Tealight candleholders by Design Ideas, for instance, are daisy shaped but colored acid blue, lime green and raspberry. (10) At first by accident, and later by design , women found way of assisting the growth of plants.
7. Place candles firmly in sturdy candleholders that can't tip over and where they can't be knocked over. Don’t use wood or plastic candleholders that can catch on fire. Metal candleholders are safer. Be careful with glass candleholders because they can break or shatter if the candle flame gets too hot.
8. How do you use the word synchronizing in a sentence? a variety of candleholders (sometimes called sticking tommies), oilwick cap lamps (also called tea pot lamps and sunshine lamps), carbide
9. My London in a sentence: London is a place filled with inspiration, there is everything from 1920s’ tiered glass chandeliers to kitsch parrot candleholders.
10. A weekly Saturday recap to share with you our favorite links, discoveries, exhibitions, and more from the past seven days. This week: new candleholders to light your *please god* tiny and intimate holiday dinners, extremely cool new knives, and a vintage accessories drop happening Monday that you won't want to miss.
11. Liturgical practices have always taken place inside and outside of the altar area. The development in modern times of a railing is most likely another Roman Catholic innovation as is the use of pews, kneelers, and organs in church. Oh, The big brass candleholders (Manalia) represent the pillars of fire that went before Moses and the Hebrews.
12. This is some midcentury glassware I’ve been lucky to inherit. I don’t just use these for drinks….at Christmas for example I used some as candleholders, and they’re handy for desserts like chocolate mousse…mmmmm. Midcentury entertaining was in a time of optimism and exuberance following the end of the world wars.

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