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"Bronzer" in Example Sentences

1. Use a bronzer or a liquid, cream, or powder in a shade or two darker than your foundation. 0 Basically a mineral bronzer , these products are best used on areas of the face that naturally receive the most sun.
2. bronzer in a sentence - Use "bronzer" in a sentence 1. Super heavy Lawrence Clay-Bey of Hartford took a bronze. 2. They gave me two golds, a silver and a bronze, click for more sentences of bronzer: 7. How to use bronzed in a sentence. Example sentences with the word bronzed. bronzed example sentences. 8.
3. bronzer definition: a cosmetic applied to the face to give the appearance of a suntan
4. Bronzers definition: Noun 1. plural form of bronzer
5. Powdered bronzer, applied lightly all over the face, can also help camouflage over-indulgences, says New York City-based makeup artist Maria Verel. But when he hits the frightening climax, the camera swerves at dizzying angles, the sound desynchs, and the makeup and sets become highly expressionistic.
6. How to use rouge in a sentence. Example sentences with the word rouge. rouge example sentences. Sentences goths do not use bronzer, rouge, or St Tropez self-tan. 0. 0. a lot of western cultures tabooed the use of rouge or other makeup with extreme color. 0. 0.
7. bronzer is a type of make-up, used to make your face glow. Although it is often confused with blusher, it is very different. To apply bronzer, you must use a blusher/bronzer brush, and apply it
8. Learn how to use Sunless Tanner in a sentence and make better sentences with word `Sunless Tanner` by reading from 17 Sunless Tanner sentence examples. Overall, It's a bronzer and a sunless tanner in a spray. Even a lot of sunless tanner aerosol sprays leave a stickiness.
9. Use foundation in a sentence? Asked by Wiki User. 1 2 3. You don't HAVE to use foundation when you use concealer but usually you can add a little bit of powder/bronzer around your face or
10. UNE RELATION SÉRIEUSE avec une nana simple et sympa Use The Word Relative Dating In A Sentence pas de critères de beauté particulière mesdames si vous cherchez le prince charmant riche beau fortuné doux musclé compréhensif dominer gentil romantique bronzer a la mode comme vous sembler les rechercher abonner vous a Walt Disney et continuer de rêver, mais soyer franche Use The Word
11. Se bronzer | to tan (oneself) The first step in conjugating pronominal verbs in the present tense (or non compound forms such as future or imperfect tenses), is to change the reflexive pronoun se to agree with the subject of the verb. Then conjugate the verb accordingly (Conjugating ER, IR, RE verbs).
12. Contents 8:53. mixed makeup Hoola bronzer ben nye luxury Save saved removed Won edgar allan Black And White Movie Makeup Black and White Makeup – Create or complete a total transformation when you use this black and white makeup to alter or enhance your appearance. The Black and W Oct 06, 2015 · Old Hollywood Black […]
13. Compréhensif dominer gentil romantique bronzer a la mode comme vous sembler les rechercher abonner vous a Walt Disney et continuer de rêver, mais soyer franche avec vous-même et quitter les Four Brothers Anita O Day Dating sites de rencontre ou alors modifier vos envies et soyez plus proche de la réalité vous n été pas non plus des
14. So ever since I moved to the U.S. I have noticed that my African American friends and peers seem to disapprove (for lack of a better word) of the term "tanning" when I apply it to Black people. I myself am Black (Congolese to be specific) and I use the term ("bronzer" in French) quite often back home with my Francophone friends.
15. The last two answers are wrong. 'se bronzer' is the verb to sunbathe. He's got a good tan: Il est bien bronzé. (or you can use): She's got an amazing tan: Elle a un bronzage superbe.
16. A baked blusher that can also be used as a bronzer or illuminator,Professional Terracotta Stardust-multi Purpose A silky-smooth, lightweight, highly-pigmented formula that blends easily and evenly Baked to sheer perfection, this luxurious formula is packed full of […], 3 Colors Natural Baked Blusher Powder Palette, Features: Enhances and

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