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mix, mingle, combine, stir, whisk, jumble, merge, fuse, unite, unify,

"Blends" in Example Sentences

1. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "blend" The band successfully blends jazz music with hip hop vocal stylesShe blended her red paint with the blue to make a beautiful purple color. The band successfully blends jazz music with hip hop vocal styles. Colonialism in Africa led to the blending of European culture with the native cultures.
2. How to use blends in a sentence. Example sentences with the word blends. blends example sentences. Sentences Menu. Other aromatherapy products available from the company include aroma sprays, diffusers and burners, and oil blends and resins for use in perfume making. 0. 0.
3. Use “herbal tea” in a sentence | “herbal tea” sentence examples 16 Some of the best established tea companies are now entering the herbal tea market,( offering blends for evening and morning drinking. 17 Lemon Balm: Lemon Balm is also used medicinally as a herbal tea, or in extract form.
4. To avoid lumps, use a whisk to blend in the flour. It's difficult to see blend in in a sentence . Witnessing this Tris blends in with the army to avoid suspicion. In St . Louis, Boston red blends in with Cardinal red. Desire blends in effortlessly with whatever environment it finds itself in. She tries to blend in, but the minister seeks her out.
5. Consonant blends in a sentence - Use "consonant blends" in a sentence 1. Matt logged onto the Internet, learned the finer points of phonemes, digraphs and consonant blends, sought out researchers and eventually wrote his own three-year plan. 2. It's also a general rule in the English language that the consonant " Q " has no sound as a consonant on its own, unless followed by a " U " .
6. Example sentences for: blends How can you use “blends” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: The bright new downtown area lovingly blends a modern and 19th-century atmosphere, especially along red-brick King Street.. An even more idiosyncratic trend has been to spawn new blends by using syllabus of Japanese words with English syllabus:
7. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "blends "The chameleon is famous for its ability to change its color so that it blends in with its surroundings. The band successfully blends jazz music with hip hop vocal styles.
8. Translations of the phrase NEW blends from english to spanish and examples of the use of "NEW BLENDS" in a sentence with their translations: season brings the creation of new blends and varieties in collaboration with
9. Examples of Versatile in a sentence The SUV is a versatile vehicle that blends in easily on the city streets and can also handle the wilderness of the mountain trails. Because I want to make a toy that is tough yet bendable, I am looking for a versatile construction material.
10. Misandry in a sentence 18 . Sharepoint iis logs 19 . Dvusd portal all spent solvent mixtures/blends used in degreasing containing, before use, a total of ten in each U.S. EPA region and in each state so it is key to contact your regional or state coordinator and discuss the delistings process with him or her first. https:// 7.
11. Part of understanding how words sound in English is learning to use or recognize consonant blends. As a fun consonant blend activity, see if you can make your own consonant blend sentences by using as many l-blends, r-blends, s-blends, or t-blends as you can in one sentence.
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13. 23. The marimba enters in the third movement and the sound blends handsomely with the textures of the keyboards. 24. Whenever she did this successfully, of course, I’d reward her handsomely with more food and words of praise. 25. It had gone remarkably well; his intensive training had paid off handsomely. 26.
14. Over the years in a sentence up(0) down(0) The brickwork will mellow over the years so that it blends with the surroundings. 17. The pain of parting had lessened over the years. 18. Their investments have appreciated over the years. 19. The house has been added to over the years.
15. Word blends can also be formed by overlapping or combining phonemes, which are parts of two words that sound alike. One example of an overlapping word blend is "Spanglish," which is an informal mix of spoken English and Spanish. blends can also be formed through the omission of phonemes.
16. Define blends. or "blending" means the mixing of 1 or more petroleum products, with or without another product, regardless of the original character of the product blended, if the product obtained by the blending is capable of use in the generation of power for the propulsion of a motor vehicle, an airplane, or a marine vessel. Blending does not include mixing that occurs in the process of
17. What does blends mean? Information and translations of blends in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Examples of blends in a Sentence. Rick Reid: We try to do that in a way that blends into the architecture, something that's visually pleasing,
18. 17- American blends include “motel, guesstimate, infomercial” and ” televangelist . 18- Pioneering televangelist Rex Humbard rose to prominence in Akron.. 19- Modern televangelist and minister Robert H. Schuller was mentored by Peale.. 20- Is Congress Turning Off Your televangelist ?. 21- To millions of skeptical viewers, such words define the video preachers known collectively as
19. ‘For example, you can find blends of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and so on.’ ‘This provides essential fats in a blend well-suited for long term use.’
20. Use The Word Bolt In A Sentence. Posted on April 13, Constructing Word Bolts blends Sharing Kindergarten. How to use spanish paratives including mayor menor mejor peor tinker definition of by merriam ster two sentence horror stories that will send shivers down your spine same but diffe a short story by anne hayden subject of a sentence
21. blends also contain pairings of letters, but each individual sound can be heard. Actually, the word "blend" contains a blend. Notice the letters "B" and "L." They form an interesting sound, but each letter is distinctly pronounced. Another example would be the "S" and "N" in "snow." Meanwhile, the "S" and "H" in "show" is a digraph.
22. Degrade in a sentence up(2) down(0) Indigenous microorganisms are now used in above-ground batch reactors, but commercial blends are being used to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons. 28. I abandon myself to you I even want you to abuse and degrade me. 29.
23. Analytics sentence examples: may utilize information and process models as input to implement the Analytics capabilities for these blends Analytics capability into reporting which is an unique innovation among existing reporting gillman has worked in the areas business intelligence, data min
24. Find consonants blends sentences lesson plans and teaching resources. Quickly find that inspire student learning. Lesson provided a wealth of helpful and fun resources for me to use in my classroom. Lillian H., Teacher Conway, AR. See more testimonials Submit your own.
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26. Use a comma: The quote blends in to the surrounding text. Ned said that I should "bring the direwolf here." No punctuation: The quote is introduced by a complete sentence. Ned had one command: "Bring the direwolf here." Use a colon: The quote is a block quote, introduced by a full sentence. Ned offered a string of commands. Bring the direwolf here.
27. blends definition: Noun 1. plural form of blendVerb 2. third-person singular simple present indicative form of blend
28. These phonics worksheets for initial and final blends are great for first-grade literacy centers, homework, reading small groups and more! Students read and write a variety of blends through fill-in-the-blank, cut and paste, and more! The blends worksheets include words with short vowels, digraphs, and words with CK, ANG, UNG, and ING.
29. The amazon tree frog has natural camouflage , when a predator approaches it it blends in with the trees. my brother dressed up in his camouflage to go kill a deer.

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