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boycott, ostracize, avoid, embargo, ignore, black,

"Blacklists" in Example Sentences

1. 1. Examples of how to use the word blacklists in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available. 11. We also find that even if blacklist delays were reduced, the use by spammers of URL shortening services for obfuscation negates the potential gains unless tools that use blacklists develop more : 12.: 2.
2. blacklists definition: Noun 1. plural form of blacklist
3. It's difficult to see if appropriate in a sentence . In the latter case, the host issues an ACK handshake if appropriate. If appropriate, I add the domains to the local or meta blacklists. Someone with appropriate powers should consider removing from the history, if appropriate.
4. 뜻 블랙리스트, 블랙 리스트 . Examples of blacklists in a Sentence; 문장 blacklist. The software included a lengthy blacklist of disreputable websites to block.; 문장 blacklisted. He may never be entirely successful, but the difference in being "blacklisted," "greylisted," "bluelisted" or "whitelisted" is considerable.; The printer's anti-features made it hardly worth using: the
5. Use "blacklisted" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Blacklisted in a sentence. Blacklisted; Blacklisting; Blacklists; Blacklist (base) The Dialogue was blacklisted, and he was. He was unjustly blacklisted and unable to find work.
6. There are a few email and some website classification methods that use blacklists, or whitelists, of sites. For example, in Microsoft patent (U.S. Pat. No. 8,495,737), blacklists are employed to classify emails as spam. Such methods have the disadvantage that they cannot detect newly created phishing sites that are not yet in the blacklist.
7. How to use entries in a sentence. The entries list of example sentences with entries. "The whitelist overrides entries in the blacklists" "Select all entries in the current list" "Notice the various entries in the Default values column" "These entries are indicated with reference in Table 3.2" "Detection of unauthorized entries by photocells"
8. How can I add blacklists in Hs-c1110? Unanswered Questions. What is the hidden meaning of GI over CCC. In a rebus puzzle what does CHAIR means. Is linda davies on qvc remarried.
9. A handy rule of thumb is to flip the motivation in a sentence to its ideological opposite, preferably one that you don't like. If the meaning of the sentence is then abhorrent, rather than acceptable dissent, it's probably a couple of steps too far even when you agree with the sentiment. The entire keeping and sharing internal blacklists
10. As soon as the state blacklists someone, every aspect of their life, including traveling, getting a loan, or receiving medical care, will be impacted. “The government can use the information to restrict people’s faith by not reimbursing believers’ medical expenses or even arresting them,” said a house church Christian who once
11. Early approaches involved automatically screening comments for blacklisted keywords, where the blacklists are manually curated. Various collaborative open source blacklists exist, predominantly focused on the problem of enumerating curse words in multiple languages. 3 The simplest use of such blacklists is to find exact string matches.

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