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"Bits" in Example Sentences

1. How to use bits in a sentence. Example sentences with the word bits. bits example sentences.
2. Examples of bits in a sentence: 1. Cover with crumbs and bits of butter. 2. Go among his bits of things indeed! 3. Garnish with olives or bits of red currant jelly.
3. Like the house that Jack built, it had accreted new bits and pieces and additions over the years and lacked overall coherence.: So, all my knowledge of art came from scavenged bits and pieces in the late hours of the morning.: Film strips hung from the cutter's rack, bits and pieces of Utah, out-takes overexposed and underexposed, masses of impenetrable material.
4. Use "bits" in a sentence We didn't have an axe when we went camping, so we had to gather little bits of wood here and there to start our fire. Andrea collected old bits of different colored fabric to sew into a beautiful blanket. The human brain is capable of recording over 86 million bits of information daily.
5. It's difficult to see bits and pieces in a sentence . It removes all the magnetic bits and pieces from the hard disk. The story of the Marys is best told in bits and pieces. bits and pieces: Ted Nugent has suddenly become an untouchable. bits and pieces of the telomerase enzyme had been found before. This our church, made out of bits and pieces
6. 55 sentence examples: 1. Let me get all my bits and pieces together. 2. He rewound the tape and replayed a few bits and pieces. 3. My mother has some bits and pieces to give you. 4. I always have a lot of bits and pieces in my coat pocket. 5. bits an
7. These can be used for scalar data types ranging from 8-bits to 64-bits in size or for SIMD computations on a variety of integer and floating point formats. System memory addresses for both the PPE and SPE are expressed as 64-bit values for a theoretic address range of 264 bytes ( 16 exabytes or 16, 777, 216 terabytes ) .
8. In the context of data rate units, one byte consists of 8 bits, and is synonymous with the unit octet. In computer science, B is the symbol for byte, a unit of information storage. A hackish solution is to use code switching, a technique of replacing a byte with a sequence of bytes headed by a special control character.
9. How to use byte in a sentence. Example sentences with the word byte. byte example sentences. Sentences Menu. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples Models a position within a file as the offset in byte s and the offset in byte s and the offset in bits in that byte. 1. 0.
10. Use In A Sentence: Jason and Lisa went out and painted the town red last night. 26. To Be Thrilled To bits. Meaning: to be ecstatic, pleased, or excited about something. Use In A Sentence: I was thrilled to bits to get an A on the exam. 27. To Make Someone’s Day. Meaning: to make a person feel good.
11. An ISO-8895-1 character in ISO-8859-1 encoding is 8 bits (1 byte). A Unicode character in UTF-8 encoding is between 8 bits (1 byte) and 32 bits (4 bytes). A Unicode character in UTF-16 encoding is between 16 (2 bytes) and 32 bits (4 bytes), though most of the common characters take 16 bits. This is the encoding used by Windows internally.
12. Use of “for example” in a sentence. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 10 months ago. Active 3 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 722 times 0. Is use of "for example" in the following sentences correct grammatically and conceptually? If it is not , kindly suggest ways to make it clearer. Dovetail two blocks of bits How can I detect if a color is
13. Pieces of memory in a sentence - Use "pieces of memory" in a sentence 1. My head was filled with colorful bits and pieces of memories. 2. He recalls the pieces of memory from his youth in the prologue, excerpted below. click for more sentences of pieces of memory
14. Examples of Protrude in a sentence. The blow made the man’s teeth protrude from his mouth. 🔊 When my neighbor parks his car correctly, it does not protrude into my driveway. 🔊 bits of glass protrude from the injured woman’s back.
15. How to pronounce "soft hard" Use "soft hard" in a sentence. Translation Mobile. Impregnated drillbits are suitable for drilling in the broken rock formation with f 8 - 12 , and soft hard, hige dense , strong grinding skidding rock formation: 4. Check out this video for tips on how to outsmart the common cold and flu!
16. One fantastic scene is a dreamy-nightmare sequence in St James' Park with fog and naked debauchery, which is very well done and not terribly blush-making due to the vagueness; other bits, pretty explicit though without actually seeing naked genitalia -- a very fine job is done via the medium of well-placed innuendo and indeed well-placed hands.
17. Definition of bits and pieces in the Idioms Dictionary. bits and pieces phrase. What does bits and pieces expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
18. Use "is the most" in a Sentence 16 or 24 bits per pixel. The common formats are Y ' UV444, YUV411, Y ' UV422 and Y ' UV420p (or YUV420) . The apostrophe after the Y is often omitted, as is the "p" after YUV420p. In terms of actual file formats, YUV420 is the most
19. How to use parity in a sentence. Did You Know? 27. A "parity track" was present on the first magnetic tape data storage in 1951. parity in this form, applied across multiple parallel signals, is known as a transverse redundancy check. This can be combined with parity computed over multiple bits sent on a single signal, a longitudinal redundancy
20. Relative clauses are bits of a sentence that you can remove without changing the whole meaning of the sentence. In English, they start with “who”, “what”, or “that”. For example, in this sentence “the man who I saw in the street was very tall”, the relative clause is “who I saw in the street”.
21. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "rubbish" The old man found some bits of fruit and uneaten food in the rubbishNigel, can you please take the rubbish out? It's starting to smell.
22. A bit is the smallest unit of computer information. It’s essentially a single binary data point; either yes or no, on or off, up or down. A byte on the other hand is a unit of memory that usually contains 8 bits. This is because historically, 8 bits are needed to encode a single character of text.
23. bits sentence example. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. They use bits in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for bits. The Dutch cheese had been bowled into bits. (10) All were as remote little bits of mechanism. (10) Fleur tore the honeysuckle into little, slow bits. (8)
24. Bit (binary digit): A bit (short for binary digit ) is the smallest unit of data in a computer. A bit has a single binary value, either 0 or 1. Although computers usually provide instruction s that can test and manipulate bits, they generally are designed to store data and execute instructions in bit multiples called byte s. In most computer
25. Examples of Rend in a sentence. The hungry dog is going to rend the steak into pieces. 🔊 With the hurricane winds expected to rend the coast apart, people are starting to leave their beachfront homes. 🔊 The missile will rend the plane into bits of metal. 🔊
26. Much of this has to do with the artist's ability to give broken bits of crockery and shards of glass the qualities of reliquary fragments and precious stones; to imbue wire with the movements of tendrils and wings; and to hammer metals so that they feel as pliant as leaves or as eager as lapping tongues.
27. Introductory bits (small-medium-large) When giving a short and simple list of things in a sentence, the last comma (right before the conjunction–usually and or or) is optional, but it is never wrong. If the items in the list are longer and more complicated, you should always place a final comma before the conjunction.
28. How To Use Diameter In A Sentence? The nests were spherical, approximately four inches in diameter and consisted of dried oak leaves and bits of dried grass. This is equivalent, with a 15-inch diameter roll, to a peripheral speed of about 60 to 65 feet per minute.
29. What does bits mean? Information and translations of bits in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Examples of bits in a Sentence. Ron Rutland: James and I have been guarding this with our lives, it has been with our passports and our credit cards and other vital bits and pieces.
30. Smithereens definition is - fragments, bits. How to use smithereens in a sentence. Did You Know?
31. If you have used a computer for more than five minutes, then you have heard the words bits and bytes.Both RAM and hard disk capacities are measured in bytes, as are file sizes when you examine them in a file viewer.. You might hear an advertisement that says, "This computer has a 32-bit Pentium processor with 64 megabytes of RAM and 2.1 gigabytes of hard disk space."
32. Computers use bits (short for binary digits) to represent information in digital form. A computer bit is a binary value. When represented as a number, bits have a value of either 1 or 0. Modern computers generate bits from higher and lower electric voltages running through the device's circuits.
33. In acting, units of action, otherwise known as bits or beats, are sections that a play's action can be divided into for the purposes of dramatic exploration in rehearsal.. The concept was propounded by the Russian actor, director and educator Konstantin Stanislavsky, who initially liked to use the term kusok (Russian: кусок, IPA: ()) an ordinary Russian word that can be translated as bit
34. Byte definition, adjacent bits, usually eight, processed by a computer as a unit. See more.
35. For future use and should be set to zero. Flags (9 bits) Contains 9 1-bit flags (control bits) as follows: NS (1 bit): ECN-nonce - concealment protection; CWR (1 bit): Congestion window reduced (CWR) flag is set by the sending host to indicate that it received a TCP segment with the ECE flag set and had responded in congestion control mechanism.
36. Love-to-bits definition: Verb love to bits 1. (idiomatic) To love (someone or something) a lot

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