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beguiles (third person present) · beguiled (past tense) · beguiled (past participle) · beguiling (present participle)

  - charm or enchant (someone), sometimes in a deceptive way.


charming, attractive, appealing, pleasing, pleasant, lovely, delightful, enchanting, entrancing, charismatic,

"Beguile" in Example Sentences

1. Examples of beguile in a sentence The car salesman tried to beguile the customer with an offer of free gas for a year. Because Sarah knows she is beautiful, she often tries to beguile wealthy men with her looks.
2. The pasha, and through him the sultan, endeavoured on several occasions either to ensnare them or to beguile them into submission; but these efforts failing, Mahommed Khosrev took the field, and a Turkish detachment 7000 strong was despatched against them to Damanhur, whither they had descended from Upper Egypt, and was defeated by a small force under al-Alfi; or, as Mengin says, by 800 men
3. Examples of how to use the word beguile in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
4. beguile definition is - hoodwink. How to use beguile in a sentence. The Beguiling History of beguile Synonym Discussion of beguile.
5. How do you use beguile in a sentence? Moonlit and starstruck, LA will beguile scores of curious tourists, hopeful starlets and wannabe rock musicians each day. What is the Hebrew word for beguile?
6. How can you use the word beguile in a sentence? She didn't have quite enough money, but she was able to beguile the clerk into letting her shortchange him. She thought she could beguile the police
7. How to use beguile in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word beguile? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. I don't want you to try to charm me or beguile me or do whatever it is you normally do to have your wicked way with women. Well, he was slim now,
8. beguile definition: To beguile is defined as to deceive someone in a cunning way or to enchant someone and make him become attracted to you. (verb) An example of beguile is when a politician uses clever words to trick people. An example of beguile i
9. Use beguiled in a sentence, beguiled meaning?, beguiled definition, how to use beguiled in a sentence, use beguiled in a sentence with examples beguile in a sentence - Use "beguile" in a sentence 1. It was a beguiling invitation into a world of androgynous romanticism. 7. 9. 9. 8. How can you use the word beguile in a sentence? 8.

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