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aspect, feature, facet, side, characteristic, particular, detail, point, ingredient, strand,

"Aspectual" in Example Sentences

1. Examples of how to use “aspectual” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs
2. 23 sentence examples: 1. There is an aspectual difference between'He crossed the road'and'He was crossing the road'. 2. The aspectual contrast between perfective and imperfective is found in many Slavic languages. 3. Utilizing metadata to describe as
3. Examples of how to use “aspectual” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus; the aspectual properties of the verb are determined by the hierarchical configuration in which subject and verb The second question is whether there is a uniform abstract structure for modal\ aspectual verbs versus causatives.:2.
4. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word aspectual: . Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API Blog Privacy Copyright © 2020 Datamuse
5. aspectual definition: Adjective (not comparable) 1. Of or pertaining to an aspect. 2. (grammar) Of or pertaining to grammatical aspect.Anagrams 3. capsulateOrigin aspect +‎ -ual
6. aspectual viewpoints focus on situations like the lens of a camera. Just as the lens focuses a scene, so a viewpoint focuses the situation talked about in a sentence. aspectual viewpoints differ in span: the span of perfective viewpoints includes the initial and final endpoints of a situation
7. The Chinese particle 了 has been traditionally divided into two broad categories: aspectual particle 了 (AKA 了1) and modal particle 了 (AKA 了2). However, for a word with as many varied grammatical uses, such broad classifications don't seem particularly helpful to learners.
8. Multiaspect in a sentence up(0) down(0) Sentence count:7Posted:2020-10-30Updated:2020-10-30. Similar words: aspect, multiaccess, multiangular, aspectual, aspect angle, aspect ratio, visual aspect, multiplier effect. Random good picture Not show. 1. The reasons are multiaspect and complicated. 2.
9. How to use theta in a sentence. Example sentences with the word theta. theta example sentences. Sentences Menu. Dictionary It also permits a move from formal to semantic analysis when considering argument structure, theta roles, aspectual class, voice, etc. 0. 0.
10. Examples of how to use “aspectual” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus; the aspectual properties of the verb are determined by the hierarchical configuration in which subject and verb The second question is whether there is a uniform abstract structure for modal\aspectual verbs versus causatives .:2.
11. 1 With stop t he pause is not compulsory, but occurs when the speaker wishes to stress the purpose cla ; 1 The construction of aspectual verbs has puzzled linguists for years and in particular since Perlmutter’s seminal analysis in 1970. One verb seems to refuse all suggested explanations as it does not behave as is expected from its semantic features. It is the verb cease, which, unlike
12. How to use semantic in a sentence. Example sentences with the word semantic. semantic example sentences. Sentences We notice a tendency to use synonyms or words with a very small semantic difference from those of the Sinaitic Psalter. 1. 0. aspectual class, voice, etc. 0. 0.
13. Biaspectual definition: Adjective (not comparable) 1. Of verbs having two grammatical aspects - perfective and aspectual verbsOrigin bi- +‎ aspectual
14. aspectual verbs have very little independent meaning; they're close to, but not quite, real auxiliary verbs like be. That's probly why they cause the trouble. The definition of a grammar school term like "linking verb" (which is taught to children instead of "auxiliary verb" because auxiliary is too big a word) is vague on purpose. It's for
15. Makes use of the distinction between habitual and nonhabitual aspectual meaning. (A habit is a (A habit is a situation type that is characteristic of the refe rent of the subject NP over an
16. Relations expressed in a sentence and the aspectual properties of the sentence as can be seen in the following sentences: 1) a. Carl wrote a poem. b. Edgar will eat a banana. In examples (1a) and (1b) different time relations but the same aspectual structure are found. The time of the first and second sentence is different.
17. The findings reveal that there was a general shift from spatial to aspectual meaning and a relative stability in the frequency of PVs in the time span 1750-1850. It can be assumed that PVs “have
18. Content may be subject to copyright. in a sentence-initial clause may be coreferential either cataphorically with an overt. 4. The data include all possible Mandarin syllables spoken in a sentence frame. wendan Li; This paper proposes three descriptive generalizations about temporal and aspectual references in Chinese : 5.
19. Thus, linguists use the words temporal reference and aspectual reference to describe the abstract ideas being described, while the words tense and aspect are reserved for when such reference is marked grammatically. Consider the English past perfect in a sentence like the following:
20. There is also a tendency to use aspectual marking to add speaker commentary to the sentence, even with the 'purely' aspectual markers, but especially with the attitudinal ones. 7.1 Aspect marking is an optional category; unlike tense or some other obligatory categories, its marking in Tamil is not required.
21. Lin observes that an in-situ wh-adverb like zenmeyang ‘how’ may occur in a sentence without an overt sentence-final aspectual particle; but if the perfect particle le is present, the wh-adverb zenmeyang cannot occur in the sentence. (7)-(8) show that the wh-nominal and the wh-adverb are both
22. ‘Much of complexity in the use of tense and aspect in English derives from the fact that the categories of perfective and imperfective allow a number of subcategories.’ ‘We show that these traditional models of perfective aspect cannot account for the aspectual system of Thai.’
23. Omission or optional use of a viewpoint morpheme is an important pragmatic fact in the Chinese aspectual system. Because of this undeniable pragmatic fact, Smith (1997: 279–280) posits that Chinese has a neutral aspect.
24. aspectual constructions, which encode the situation type denoted by the verb or verb phrase; and sentence types, which pair a discourse function with a clausal structure. On the basis of these three short case studies, I will argue that appeal to constructional meaning greatly enhances the descriptive power of a theory of sen-tence semantics.
25. You can correctly use two -ing words together—that happens all the time. But stopping eating is not correct.* Linguists call verbs such as stop, begin, continue, start, and cease aspectual verbs, and those are subjected to the “double -ing constra
26. How to use aspirant in a sentence? volume_up noun a lofty aspirant; two executive hopefuls joined the firm; the audience was full of Madonna wannabes; Nearby Words asocial aspectual asphaltic asphyxiated asphyxiating aspirant asquint assailable assassinated assentient assertable
27. How to use asphyxiated in a sentence? volume_up verb Othello smothered Desdemona with a pillow; The child suffocated herself with a plastic bag that the parents had left on the floor; The foul air was slowly suffocating the children Nearby Words aslant asleep asocial aspectual asphaltic asphyxiated asphyxiating aspirant asquint assailable
28. Abstract. aspectual verbs like begin, start and finish form a subset of the class of ‘coercion verbs’ implicated in the phenomenon of complement coercion. Such verbs have been assumed to select exclusively for eventive complements (e.g. John began/enjoyed reading the book/ the meeting).The standard view holds that the composition of an entity-denoting expression with any coercion verb
29. The current study examined the PADILIH in Thai, a language that does not use verb inflection but instead uses aspectual markers to refer to time. Aims: We aimed to evaluate the pattern of impairment of time reference in Thai speakers with agrammatic aphasia, by investigating how grammatical reference to past, present, and future was processed.
30. – the aspectual morphemes -en and -ing in the head of vP – the tense morpheme in the head of vP. main clause. a clause that is not embedded in another clause. In the sentence I know that you are clever the main clause is I know selecting an embedded CP. missing subject.
31. aspectual form of a verbal stem we found no evidence for coercion. Such mismatches are clearly processed as morpho-syntactic violations. In contexts involving a conflict between the semantic/pragmatic selectional requirements of converbs (i.e., temporally anchored participial clauses functioning in a sentence as adverbial
32. aspectual Interpretations Abstract A compositional approach to semantic interpretation bases itself on the con- tribution of each individual lexical and morphological item contained in a sentence. This paper focuses on the role of the dictionary meaning of verbs in the compositional approach to aspect.
33. Most Common Italian aspectual Verbs (Verbi fraseologici: Stare Per, Iniziare A, Finire Di, ) SUBS ; How to use Italian indefinite adjectives QUALCHE, QUALSIASI, QUALUNQUE, OGNI in a sentence (ita sub) Are you using days of the week correctly in Italian? IL LUNEDÌ o LUNEDÌ? (subs) Italian grammar exercise with CI, NE, LO used in context

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