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1. But in September 1799 under strong pressure from the Russian emperor Paul, the Danish government forbade anonymity, and introduced a limited censorship. 32 26 A record of all human activity, with anonymity safeguards in place, will allow us all to become part of the solution by putting our minds to work on the problems of the world.
2. It warns against honoring requests for anonymity, if anonymity would conceal a conflict of interest or other ethical issues. With perfect anonymity , I paged through the most intimate details of other people's lives.
3. Examples of anonymity in a sentence For anonymity, the famous actress wore dark glasses and a baseball cap while walking in the park. 🔊 The madam reassured her wealthy clients that anonymity was a rule in her business. 🔊 Under the cover of anonymity, the witness was willing to answer the detective’s questions about the suspect. 🔊
4. The other side of anonymity is fame. 2. Concealed in the murk of social anonymity. 3.
5. anonymity in a sentence - Use "anonymity" in a sentence 1. There is a consoling anonymity in most money-losing investments. 2. "I like the anonymity, " he said. click for more sentences of anonymity
6. Sentences for "anonymity" The anonymity it allows emboldens people to say things to each other they would never say face to face. It was sent to her by a Slate reader who insists on anonymity but who seems to be possessed of an astonishing memory. That change stripped away a certain amount of anonymity on the Net.
7. Examples of anonymity in a sentence: 1. Your anonymity has come to an end. 2. Poor lion, who thought he had secured anonymity for his holiday! 3. She was much pleased with this sustained anonymity she had given Genevieve.
8. anonymity in a sentence. 1 Every step will be taken to preserve your anonymity. 2 The person donating the money insisted on complete anonymity. 3 Some people prefer the anonymity of life in a big city.
9. Use anonymity in a sentence The biggest contributor to our charity wants to keep his anonymity , so we can’t release any information regarding his identity. Online chat rooms offer people a forum to talk about anything and everything with complete anonymity .
10. Use "anonymity" in a sentence We've come to the end, said the source, on condition of anonymity. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations. “We are looking at this,” the official said, on condition of anonymity. The doctor, who requested anonymity, has no connection with the college.
11. anonymity definition is - the quality or state of being anonymous. How to use anonymity in a sentence.
12. Sentence Examples for anonymity. The donor of the gift asked the college not to mention him by name; the dean readily agreed to respect his anonymity. How to use anonymity in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of anonymity.
13. The information is not available except under the conditions of anonymity imposed by the source. The source is reliable, and in a position to have accurate information. 41. Another use for anonymous functions is as self-executing functions.
14. A sentence such as "I did it to protect his anonymity." uses the word 'anonymity' as a noun. Another example would be "The anonymity of the letter was frightening." I hope these help, Inky
15. How do you use anonymity in a sentence? The author of the latest science fiction best-seller expects his publisher to protect his anonymity. The word anonymity is a noun.
16. anonymity is denned somewhat differently in survey research than in its more general use. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, anonymity is the quality or state of being unknown or unacknowledged.However, in survey research, the concept is more complex and open to interpretation by the various organizations that conduct surveys.
17. • Maintain personal anonymity in articles and autobiographies. • Avoid the use of titles such as “A.A. counselor” when employed as professionals in the field of alcoholism (the title “alcoholism counselor” is preferred). • Use last names within the Fellowship, especially for election of group officers and other service jobs.
18. Researchers use to preserve anonymity and confidentiality is the use of pseudonyms for participants and also for the location of the research. In addition, other practices, such as changing the reported characteristics of participants (such as gender or occupation) are also used by some researchers to conceal identities and thereby
19. Use eponymise in a sentence, eponymise meaning?, eponymise definition, how to use eponymise in a sentence, use eponymise in a sentence with examples. "Eponymity, not anonymity, is the standard." The scientific and medical communities regard it as bad form to attempt to eponymise oneself. To discuss something, it must have a name. 3.
20. anonymity quotes from YourDictionary: No paparazzi, I want anonymity.
21. Use "can be used" in a Sentence To use the SD slot for transferring game saves, an update must be installed. anonymity makes many potential consumers more comfortable with or more willing to engage in the transaction. Many loyalty programs use cards that personally identify the consumer engaging in each transaction, or that act as a
22. 41 Examples of Sanction in a Sentence. Definition of Sanction. sanction (noun) - formal and explicit approval. View other definitions. has no problem," said a high European official who specializes in sanction policies who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.
23. The anonymity of the class reduces civility. In large classes, where students feel relatively anonymous, they may behave in ways they would not in smaller classes. This may be exacerbated in required classes, where they feel not only anonymous but also (perhaps) resentful at having to take a class they did not choose. Strategies: Reduce anonymity.
24. Contrive in a sentence up(5) down(3) contrive and protect their anonymity. 26. They could explore the area, learn its resources and contrive small comforts in their rooms. 27. This person, quite uncanny, is still a bedlamite, probably, is likewise the type of a contrive house.
25. Definition of anonymity in the D dictionary. Meaning of anonymity. What does anonymity mean? Information and translations of anonymity in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
26. anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. But fears about the tyranny of the majority, as Waldron sees it, are overplayed. James Madison argued that direct democracy is the " tyranny of the majority ". "anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority, " the court wrote. It's difficult to see tyranny of the majority in a
27. Adding extra information in a sentence with parentheses . The following sentence is about the actor Richard Roxburgh, who is married to Silvia Colloca. Whenever the family is home in Colloca’s native Italy, Roxburgh not only enjoys anonymity (like most serious actors, he shrinks from celebrity) but a lot of soft cheese.
28. Details were difficult to obtain from the Japanese side on the plans for such a meeting, said a foreign diplomat in Tokyo, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Source null I mean that what we can obtain from the Greeks only begins to dawn upon us in later years: only after we have undergone many experiences, and thought a great deal.
29. Translate anonymity into Spanish. Find words for anonymity in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir anonymity de Inglés a español.
30. Another word for anonymity. Find more ways to say anonymity, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
31. You can also use an anonymity network, which are private networks run by users donating bandwidth, though these are often slow and insecure. If you decide on a web-based proxy, choose a site from a list of options on P. You’ll want to use a site that’s geographically closer to your location to minimize the loss of speed, if possible.
32. To ask for something or ask somebody to do something in a polite or formal way. request something She requested permission to film at the White House.; You can request a free copy of the leaflet. She requested anonymity because she wasn't authorized to speak to the press.

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