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rotate, oscillate, fluctuate, rotate, intersperse, stagger, swap, exchange, interchange, switch,

"Alternated" in Example Sentences

1. How to use alternated in a sentence. Example sentences with the word alternated. alternated example sentences.
2. 71. With the feeling that they were a single family, where English-accented Greek alternated with Greek-accented English, where the gurgling of baby Iason was answered by the cooing of Lea, where kissing and hugging took place in improbable combinations and loud talk and laughter filled the rooms of the house and the souls of this family of eight.
3. Present continuous I am alternating you are alternating he/she/it is alternating we are alternating you are alternating they are alternating: Present perfect I have alternated you have alternated he/she/it has alternated we have alternated you have alternated they have alternated: Future I will alternate you will alternate he/she/it will alternate we will alternate you will alternate
4. How to use perused in a sentence. Example sentences with the word perused. perused example sentences. Sentences Menu. Dictionary While Dean stretched his muscles and alternated between bites of peanut butter sandwich and a banana, Fred perused the rest of the master lists. 6. 5.
5. ‘He alternated between standing still and pacing nervously for about 20 minutes, until an employee of the bar said he would show the Red Sox game in the back room.’ ‘Buried under a layer of quilts he alternated between moodily staring at the paper, morosely changing channels, or just being a great big ill-tempered miserable lump.’
6. alternated sentence examples. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. They use alternated in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for alternated.
7. Negations was absolute and alternated in a bad infinity with affirmation. The lawsuit itself has become an act of personal affirmation. But those members did not speak in support of affirmation action Friday. It's difficult to see affirmation in a sentence . Symphony, which was played for its message of affirmation and hope.
8. Outrage in a sentence up(1) down(1) She alternated between outrage and sympathy. (8) He let out a strangulated squeak of outrage. (9) Campaigners have expressed outrage at the decision. (10) The news was greeted with outrage. (11) His comments were met with howls of outrage.
9. alternated quotes from YourDictionary: Shakespeare alternated between musical surrenders to social prestige and magnificent fits of poetic remorse.
10. Advance and retreat in a sentence - Use "advance and retreat" in a sentence 1. Chinese forces alternated between advance and retreat until the Russian position was over-run. 2. Periodic climate changes resulted in corresponding advances and retreats of ice. click for more sentences of advance and retreat
11. 1. Synonyms: 1.Legal: 1. How a discipline is hierarchically ordered to another depends on the nature of each particular subalternated science and its relation to its subalternating science. The Thomistic philosopher Henri Grenier explains that there are two general kinds of subalternation, the first improper, the second proper: just as others might use or employ it
12. Aerobic in a sentence up(0) down(0) 18 Leroy alternated aerobic exercises with weight training to improve his stamina. 19 Aerobic exercise is characterized by the body using large muscle groups in rhythmical continuous activity for relatively long periods of time.
13. How To Use Indulgence In A Sentence? Or, Moods of clear keen industry alternated with moods of relapse and indulgence and moods of dubiety and remorse. Generally speaking he was of that practical turn which has no time for indulgence in the luxury of visions, and signs.
14. Contrary to oft-quoted advice, comma use does not depend upon where you want a pause in a sentence. Yes, there is leeway at times, and you can add or omit commas for clarity, effect, and style choice. But for the most part, there are rules for commas. the teenager alternated swimming as hard as he could, then floating an resting, praying
15. Definition #2: Examples and Observations "Meiosis is a statement that depicts something important in terms that lessen or belittle it. [Woody] Allen's fictitious graduation speech . . . alternated between hyperbole and meiosis. Discussing the crisis of alienation in society, Allen remarked.
16. Variations include alley cropping, where crops are grown in between rows of trees, and strip cropping, where multiple rows, or a strip, of one crop are alternated with multiple rows of another crop. (open, save, copy)
17. I’d always thought that the only real difference between UK and US quotation mark usage is that UK English uses single quotes where US English uses double quotes, e.g., for first-person quotations…and these marks are alternated each time the quoted speaker quotes another person’s words (spoken or written).
18. For the best answers, search on this site https:///IXM00. Due to the acrimony between the two sisters, they alternated holidays at their parents house so they wouldn't have to see each other.
19. I alternated my mentor sentences between compound and complex, and we talked about how we knew it was compound vs. complex.Every Friday, I give a mentor sentence quiz. The quiz requires them to edit the sentence that they’ve been seeing ALL week (so they know at this point what it should look like), and it assesses whatever skill we worked on

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