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  - a powered flying vehicle with fixed wings and a weight greater than that of the air it displaces.British term aeroplane.


aeroplane, aircraft, craft, aeroplane, ship, bird, kite, Aircraft,

"Airplanes" in Example Sentences

1. 1. 1. 1. airplanes in a sentence plane in a sentence aircraft in a sentence canyon airplane in a sentence aeroplane in a sentence : 7. Most commercial airplanes use aviation fuel however some smaller planes may use a more concentrated version of aviation fuel We can use but in a sentence. but it is not necessary to use it in : 8.: 2. airplanes can be dull, and unless the in-flight movie is a real
2. 23. Moreover, airplanes sent to the polar continent had reported fresh masses mobilizing for the advance northward. 🔊 24. Hence, many airplanes are now equipped with oxygen-bags for use in the rarefied atmosphere of the higher levels. 🔊 25. All of the airplanes within easy distance of their home port had come winging home like birds to an
3. 1. airplanes in a sentence plane in a sentence aircraft in a sentence canyon airplane in a sentence aeroplane in a sentence : 7. Most commercial airplanes use aviation fuel however some smaller planes may use a more concentrated version of aviation fuel We can use but in a sentence. but it is not necessary to use it in : 8.: 2.
4. Asked in airplanes and Aircraft What word is the subject sentence the airplane landed at the airport? You can use force in a sentence. Her it is:There is a lot of force on an airplane.
5. How can you use “airplanes” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: The wheels of the trains, the whir of the airplanes, the lights in all the houses go out, because we have reached the limits of two zeroes.. By jumping out of airplanes in his 70s, Bush continues to battle the Wimp Factor.
6. Pursuit airplane in a sentence - Use "pursuit airplane" in a sentence 1. In this offensive, as had been the case on the Marne, photographic missions were invariably given protection against attacking hostile pursuit airplanes. 2. "Hughes Model DX-2A . Has been submitted as a convoy protector, convoy destroyer, pursuit airplane, fighter, and light bombardment type. click for more sentences of
7. Commercial airplanes in a sentence - Use "commercial airplanes" in a sentence 1. Boeing faces as it scrambles to meet high demand for commercial airplanes. 2. In one corner, from the United States : Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. click for more sentences of commercial airplanes
8. The Word "Airplane" in Example Sentences Page 1. 1399570 I saw an airplane. MrShoval 1 387011 We have three airplanes. CK 1 2994699 I'm an airplane mechanic. CK 1 1573739 Are airplane tickets expensive? trieuho 1 3023279 Tom went to Boston by airplane.
9. 159+14 sentence examples: 1. He is an advocate of more airplanes and fewer warships. 2. Some economists strongly advocate the reform of government ownership of industry. 3. I don't advocate doing such things. 4. Many people advocate building more gym
10. Use complicated in a sentence. How to use the word complicated in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word complicated. Definition of complicated Examples of complicated in a sentence *** airplanes and aerial bombs require more complicated calculations. *** Some of the peoples, such as the Kongo, Kuba, and Lunda, have created large, complicated politicalRead More
11. The airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center in New York were carrying tanks filled with highly volatile jet fuel, which caused the huge explosions that triggered the complete destruction of the buildings. Posted in: inasentence Post navigation ← momentum sentence. crew in a sentence
12. Aviation definition: The definition of aviation means the science of developing and flying airplanes. (noun) Creating a blueprint for a new plane and flying an airplane are both examples of activities in the field of aviation.
13. Posts about fleet in a sentence written by Jacqueline. These words may look the same, but they mean something different. Fleet (noun) – a group of boats or airplanes (sometimes also used for cars) Fleet (verb) – pass (in time) Fleeting (adjective) – passing quickly (in time) David Yu Here are some examples of how you can use fleet and fleeting: The Armada was…
14. Use of という in a sentence. Ask Question Asked 4 months ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 113 times 4. Hope someone can help me. I'm struggling with the exact usage of という in this sentence: Do airplanes need brakes in the air? more hot questions Question feed Subscribe to RSS Question feed
15. We have 744 CESSNA aircraft for sale. Search our listings for new & used airplanes, helicopters, & jets updated daily from 100's of dealers & private sellers.
16. Definition of airplanes in the D dictionary. Meaning of airplanes. What does airplanes mean? Information and translations of airplanes in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
17. Use 'jaars' in a sentence | 'jaars' sentence examples. Toggle navigation. Login; Source: 'Daily Use'. Sue Schmidt, 56, stands reading a book in the Townsend building of the JAARS center. when he realized airplanes and radios were needed to reach remote language groups.
18. English Grammar: “Used to” Do Something. April 14, is a modal verb. It is a helping verb. It can’t be used by itself in a sentence. It must be used before another verb. used to + verb. I used to do something. People used to smoke on airplanes. In fact, people used to smoke everywhere: the workplace,
19. The use of かります in a sentence. Ask Question Asked 5 months ago. Active 4 months ago. Do airplanes need brakes in the air? How to respect Single responsibility principle and use exception handling at the same time?
20. Use it in a sentence? Free e-mail watchdog. Tweet. Answer this question. Use it in a sentence? Answer for question: Your name: Answers. recent questions recent answers. computers are used in which of the following . automobile, airplanes, streetlights , all of the above; Which are the best hotels in dubai? Which are the best restaurants in Dubai?
21. When citing English words in a sentence. I am still learning when to use too, to, and two properly. When discussing names of vehicles, such as ships, airplanes, missiles, or man-made satellites. The Enola Gay. U.S.S. Cole. In legal cases, use when writing the name of the case (don’t italicize the “v.”)
22. Use “naturally” in a sentence | “naturally” sentence examples We can’t naturally fly, so we make airplanes. Those that follow are naturally increasingly interesting and entertaining. That culture was naturally Aramaic. When the people saw me come from the sky they naturally thought me some superior creature,
23. Use "global" in a sentence below and tell us about a dream you have for the world! Paper airplanes is applying to MIT Solve, and we need your help! MIT Solve awards grants to organizations like Paper airplanes who offer tech-based solutions to support community-driven innovation. Please take a moment to go to our application page and

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