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afterward (adverb)

  - at a later or future time; subsequently.


later, subsequently, then, after, next, eventually, thereupon, Legal,

"Afterwards" in Example Sentences

1. The treaty contained a clause by which Charles was bound to declare himself a Catholic, and with the knowledge of this Ashley, as a stanch Protestant, could not be trusted: In order to blind him and the other Protestant members of the Cabal a sham treaty was arranged in which this clause did not appear, and it was not until a considerable while afterwards that he found out that he had been duped.
2. Examples of afterwards in a sentence. I will take you to the park, but afterwards we must clean the house. 🔊 Thinking that he and his date could eat afterwards, Josh made dinner reservations for after the movie ended. 🔊 Afterwards, the bride and groom will entertain guests with a reception at the Marriot. 🔊
3. Cardiff fans were segregated at the match, and afterwards kept back while Leeds fans dispersed.: The referee refused to comment to the media afterwards why he abandoned the match.: This is the kind of show that has you blathering like a wide-eyed teenage keener for weeks afterwards.: The sun was shining, the food at the restaurant was good and I was left with a warm glow in my tummy afterwards.
4. He will come afterwards. 5. Use afterwards in a sentence | afterwards definition. Example sentences with the word afterwards, afterwards example sentences, how to use afterwards in a sentence: 14. Tip 1: Afterward or afterwards I am going to buy a cup of coffee and afterwards, I am going to read your manuscript. The traffic was heavy, so we
5. English words and Examples of Usage use "afterwards" in a sentence Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards. afterwards there will be hell to pay. At first I was not sure which one I wanted, but afterwards I decided on this red one. He will come afterwards.
6. afterwards in a sentence 🔊 Definition of afterwards (temporal location) At a later or succeeding time. Short Example Sentences for afterwards . 1. But afterwards she resumed her purpose. 🔊 2. Soon afterwards the dinner-bell rang. 🔊 3. He afterwards became prominent in theosophic circles. 🔊 4.
7. English words and Examples of Usage use "afterwards" in a sentence i felt very light on my feet afterwards. My company is sending me to do some business in France, and my wife and i decided it was a fabulous chance to take some time off afterwards to visit Paris.
8. How do you use the word afterwards in a sentence? Answer. Wiki User November 01, 2017 4:39AM. I chose Bill for our team, but afterwards I wished I had chosen Bob instead.
9. Language Tips: Afterward or afterwards & Discrete or discreet. Posted in afterward/afterwards, discreet/discrete at 9:41 am by dlseltzer. Tip 1: Afterward or afterwards. I am going to buy a cup of coffee and afterwards, I am going to read your manuscript. The traffic was heavy, so we barely moved forward.
10. Use afterwards in a sentence | afterwards sentence examples. afterwards Sentence Examples As he spoke, memories streamed through his mind, memories of the universe before the Schism and afterwards , when he and a few others were cast alone onto earth.
11. The cardinal was brought to trial at Westminster (17th of June 1535) on the charge that he did "openly declare in English that the king, our sovereign lord, is not supreme head on earth of the Church of England," and was condemned to a traitor's death at Tyburn, a sentence afterwards changed.
12. Hello,i've been learning english for a while and i want to ask a question about afterwards.I don't know why but i feel like i can't use this word in a sentence properly.For example, i have such a weak arm so that when i take out the rubbish afterwards my arm hurts a lot.(I know the sentence sounds silly) Does this look correct?Or how can i use this word properly?Thanks in advance!
13. Use afterwards in a sentence | afterwards sentence examples. When he heard these words and saw the expression of firm resolution in the Emperor's eyes, Michaud--quoique etranger, russe de coeur et d'ame-- at that solemn moment felt himself enraptured by all that he had heard (as he used afterwards to say), and gave expression to his own feelings and those of the Russian people whose
14. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word afterwards: . See afterwards used in context: 1 poetry verse, 17 Shakespeare works, 2 quotations, 13 Bible passages
15. Sentence Examples for afterwards. We first went to visit them and afterwards went for the movie. How to use afterwards in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of afterwards.
16. 17. It may still be in use. 🔊 18. Legal torture was in use long after this. 🔊 19. The food in use requires no chewing. 🔊 20. The reservoir has not been in use for many years. 🔊 21. This form was in use during the fifteenth century. 🔊 22. This last was not much in use afterwards. 🔊 23. Various methods of making settlements are
17. For example, “She will be catching the later train, but I will travel afterwards.” If you have used “be” in a sentence where “will” is used positively, then you simply add the negative word, “not” after “will”. You do not use “not” after the additional verb.

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