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fight, brawl, battle, engagement, encounter, confrontation, melee, clash, skirmish, scuffle,

"Affray" in Example Sentences

1. How to use affray in a sentence. Example sentences with the word affray. affray example sentences. Sentences Menu. Dictionary At this time Job Charnock was the chief of the Bengal council, and, owing to an affray with the Mogul troops at Hugli on the 28th of October 1686,
2. Examples of affray in a sentence. What began as a simple squabble between friends turned into an affray among several people. 🔊 Pools of blood in the dark alley convinced the police that an affray had taken place between rival gangs. 🔊 After vandals looted the stores, an affray erupted among the rioters sending several people to the
3. He admitted a charge of affray when he appeared in court for sentence and was given a 100-hour punishment order.: He's a tearaway, a lout, a hooligan, and he's got a previous conviction for affray.: Three other men were also given custodial sentences yesterday after admitting affray at the same game.: Today the teacher was sentenced to a total six months in jail for possessing the firearm and
4. Use "affray" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. affray in a sentence. Affray; 1. Causing an affray. 2. The police have charged you with assault with a deadly weapon and affray. 3.
5. Use affrays in a sentence, affrays meaning?, affrays definition, how to use affrays in a sentence, use affrays in a sentence with examples. UseEnglishW. All persons guilty of an affray shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. (2) All persons guilty of a riot, or of
6. Use affray in a sentence. noun. The definition of an affray is a loud disagreement or fight in a public place. (third-person singular simple present affrays, present participle affraying, simple past and past participle affrayed) To startle from quiet; to alarm. 5. How to use affray in a sentence. affray pronunciation.
7. How to conjugate affray , What is the base from of affrayed How do you spell affray in a sentence? conjugation of affrayed . Search any verb conjugation. Translate Cambridge Dictionary Meaning Longman Dictionary Meaning
8. Affrays in a sentence - Use "affrays" in a sentence 1. All four plead innocent to causing grievous bodily harm and affray. 2. Caveney muttered under his breath after being found guilty of affray. click for more sentences of affrays
9. In law affray is a fight, noisy quarrel, or disturbance between two or more persons in a public place. Do you mean use the word affray in a sentence. The two men, arrested following the football match on suspicion of causing affray, were released on police bail pending further enquiries.
10. An offence such as affray can result in a sentence that includes imprisonment, even where an individual has no previous convictions. It is important to get legal advice at an early stage to ascertain precisely what the consequences of a conviction may be and whether you have a defence. It is very important that you obtain legal advice before
11. The crime of affray is defined as unlawful physical violence, or the threat of the same. In the United Kingdom, the crime carries a maximum sentence of three years imprisonment and a fine of an
12. How to use "affray" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi. by BuildMyVocab. Example sentences for "affray" in popular movie and book plots. Spud has gone to see Begbie in prison, who is on remand pending sentencing after causing the violent affray at the foot of Leith Walk.
13. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word affray: . See affray used in context: 10 poetry verses, 1 Shakespeare work: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone
14. For the best answers, search on this site https:///axBGx. The following is a quote from the sentencing guidelines for the offence of affray (note the early guilty plea bit): Custody is the starting point in their sentencing decision but there is power to reduce the sentence by up to 1/3 for an early guilty plea, which may mean that custody can be avoided by the offender co-operating
15. 🔹Use Abscond in a sentence Example- Since Deepak committed murder,he has been absconding. ⚫affray (n) Meaning- public brawl दंगा affray synonyms –fight, battle, confrontation affray antonyms – calm, peace, surrender 🔹Use affray in a sentence
16. affray is a noisy quarrel or brawl ( in English definition) Riot is the use of force or violence used by an unlawful assembly (which is an assembly of five or more per­sons) or by any member
17. You can use affray as a noun in a sentence. About affray A 2 syllables noun and 6 letters with the letters a, f, r, and y, 4 consonants, 2 vowels and 2 syllables with the middle letters fr. affray starts with a vowel and ends in a consonant with the starting letters a, af, aff, affr, affra, and the ending characters are y, ay, ray, fray, ffray
18. 用affray造句和"affray"的例句: 1. Such sordid things as stabbing affrays were evidently not fit subjects for conversation with a lady .象持刀格斗這一類下流事,顯然不是跟小姐談話的適當話題。 2. The men were charged with causing an affray那些人被控擾亂治安 點擊查看更多affray的造句
19. affray definition is - fray, brawl. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun He also was arrested in 2009 on misdemeanor affray charges after being involved in a fight and fleeing police. — Mark Inabinett | [email protected], al, "Giants cut Janoris Jenkins after CB insults fan," 13 Dec. 2019 The police said the 43-year-old man has been charged with assault causing bodily harm and affray.
20. How To Use Wrath In A Sentence? Griffiths sat down on the edge of the cabin, head bowed on chest, in silent wrath and bitterness. He wreaked his wrath upon the beginners of the affray, and Columbine and myself were discharged, at once, from the company.
21. Resumed In A Sentence . Definition of Resumed . simple past tense and past participle of resume. How To Use Resumed In A Sentence? Madden resumed the binoculars. She had resumed the affray. He resumed his sawing. He resumed his narrative. Graillot resumed his seat. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Resumed .
22. How to use reinstatement in a sentence. Example sentences with the word reinstatement. reinstatement example sentences. Sentences Menu. Dictionary The beginnings of this rupture, as well as a sharp affray between his volunteers and the townsfolk of Ajaccio, may have quickened Bonaparte's resolve to return to France in May 1792, but there
23. Translate affray into Spanish. Find words for affray in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir affray de Inglés a español.
24. Affrayed definition: Verb 1. simple past tense and past participle of affray
25. A number are aphetic in the narrow sense: pert (from now obsolete apert, going back ultimately to Latin appertus 'open'), peal (from appeal), mend (from amend), fray (from affray), the verb ply (from apply), the adjective live (from alive), spy (from espy), and tend (from both attend and intend). In the above cases, significant semantic
26. affray fighting unlawfully. It is a criminal offence. Aforementioned describing something referred to previously in the document. Aforesaid describing something which has been said or referred to before in the document. Agency the relationship between a principal and an agent. Agent someone appointed to act for a principal.
27. Affray: an attack or assault; an alarm or fright affrayer: disturber of the peace affreightment: hiring of a vessel affreux: frightening affricate: consonant that begins as a plosive and ends as a fricative affronté: of two heraldic animals, facing one another affusion: pouring on; as of baptismal water afore: before afterclap
28. Affray, Public Order Act 1986, s.3. 85 Aggravated vehicle-taking (damage caused to property other than the vehicle in accident or damage caused to vehicle), Theft Act 1968, ss.12A(2)(c) and 12A(2)(d) 111 Aggravated vehicle-taking (dangerous driving or accident causing injury),

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