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arbitration, refereeing, umpiring, judging, judgment, decision, pronouncement, ruling, settlement, resolution,

"Adjudications" in Example Sentences

1. Administrative adjudication in a sentence - Use "administrative adjudication" in a sentence 1. I deserved a little love and appreciation, not threats of administrative adjudication. 2. Not all administrative adjudications, and not all judicial determinations, are entitled to res judicata effect. click for more sentences of administrative adjudication
2. adjudications definition: Noun 1. plural form of adjudication
3. ‘However there have been protests from parents against high levels of selection - leading to adjudications from the government's admissions watchdog.’ ‘Barrett wrote on 13 October disagreeing, but having made its position clear, participated in the adjudication.’
4. English words and Examples of Usage use "unattended " in a sentence If you have a small child, you should never leave household poisons unattended, even for a moment. is to be found in the Massachusetts adjudications, [128] that, if a child of two years and four months is unnecessarily sent unattended across and
5. Use amercen in a sentence, amercen meaning?, amercen definition, how to use amercen in a sentence, use amercen in a sentence with examples. UseEnglishW. IL 60555 June 19,2007 Secretary U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission ATTN: Rulemakings and adjudications Staff Washington, DC 20555-0001 Nuclear Exelon Generation 4300 Winfield Road
6. Juvenile adjudications that occurred on or after the offender’s 14th birthday and the adjudication was for a felony or one of the Misdemeanor 1 offenses listed in §303.7 (a)(4) will be counted toward the prior record score. Example #4 will illustrate the use of the sentencing matrix.
7. 2 Id. at 701-06; The APA also governs agency adjudications. See 5 U.S.C. §§ 555-57; Under the Clean Air Act, Congress removed certain Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rulemaking activities from the APA’s coverage and instead established a separate set of similar procedures that the agency must follow in promulgating specific rules
8. Permitted to use the prior adjudications to enhance the potential penalty for Defendant’s current charge. See Brooke at ¶9, citing Brandon 45 Ohio St.3d at 86 and Nichols , 511 U.S. at 749.
9. Double jeopardy definition is - the putting of a person on trial for an offense for which he or she has previously been put on trial under a valid charge : two adjudications for one offense. How to use double jeopardy in a sentence.
10. Generally, administrative adjudications and arbitrations are cited in the same manner as cases. The only differences are that in administrative adjudications, only the name of the first private party or subject matter is used and the abbreviations used are those for the applicable tribunal as opposed to the court reporters.
11. Nevertheless, the U.S. Supreme Court has established that the right against double jeopardy is not limited to capital crimes or Corporal Punishment, but that it extends to all felonies, misdemeanors, and juvenile-delinquency adjudications, regardless of the applicable punishments. In Benton v.
12. Because, under the national government, treaties and articles of treaties, as well as the laws of nations, will always be expounded in one sense and executed in the same manner, -- whereas, adjudications on the same points and questions, in thirteen States, or in three or four confederacies, will not always accord or be consistent; and that, as well from the variety of independent courts and
13. May not be used as predicate, but limited use for enhancement of sentence. No authority to seal or expunge pardoned convictions. Records of juvenile adjudications are generally confidential and unavailable to the public, and most may be sealed by court at age 18 or release of jurisdiction if later. Alaska Stat. § 47.12.300(c), (e).
14. Security clearance adjudications do not use the same standard of evidence used in criminal proceedings. Once the government has substantial evidence that the applicant committed a crime, the burden of proof shifts to the applicant to present evidence to refute the allegation.

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