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actives (plural noun) · the active (noun)

  - engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits.

  - pursuing an occupation or activity at a particular place or in a particular way.

  - (of a thing) working; operative.


  - an active form of a verb.


mobile, energetic, agile, sporty, nimble, vigorous, vital, dynamic, sprightly, spry,

"Active" in Example Sentences

1. But during the whole of this active life, many details of which are very interesting as illustrative of the life and manners of the time, he never lost sight of a design which he had formed at a very early period, of writing the history of those civil wars in France in which he had borne a part, and during which he had had so many opportunities of closely observing the leading personages and
2. The Word "Active" in Example Sentences Page 1. 313612 She is active. CK 1 3171321 Tom is active. CK 1 65511 My mother is active. CK 1 39340 David is very active. CK 1 294883 He is an active person. CK 1 282077 Cats are active at night. CK 1 1486386 Tom lives an active life.
3. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "active" The road to the forest was blockaded by activists trying to stop the logging company from cutting down the centuries-old treesThe kids must be really hungry; they've been active all day with one thing or another. The road to the forest was blockaded by activists trying to stop the logging company from
4. An active sentence is the opposite of a passive sentence. In an active sentence, the subject performs the action of the main verb. This page has lots of examples and an interactive test on active sentences.
5. How to use inactive in a sentence. Example sentences with the word inactive. inactive example sentences. inactive Sentence Examples. Among these are to be found a singularly large number of both active and inactive volcanoes, including the well-known Salak and Gede in the north, and bunched together at the eastern end the Chikorai,
6. The active in a sentence 🔊 Short Example Sentences for The active. 1. Use the active voice. 🔊 2. Celimene is the active spirit. 🔊 3. Examples in the active voice. 🔊 4. The active messenger shook him up too. 🔊 5. These were all the active participants in the outrage. 🔊 6. The active mind spreads itself. 12. Of active in a
7. active in a sentence? Unanswered Questions. Between plumbing and pipe fitting, which one is the best? Which is more scalable, nuclear energy or wind energy? What are healthy foods to eat as snacks?
8. Use “active” in a sentence | “active” sentence examples. یادگیری لغت active در جمله و متن؛ یک روش موثر برای حفظ لغت active در متن؛ کاربرد active در جمله انگلیسی، مثال از active در جمله انگلیسی
9. Of active in a sentence 🔊 Short Example Sentence for Of active . 1. Mention some instances of active absorption. 🔊 2. The season of active operations is at hand. 🔊 3. Dave was doing a good deal of active thinking. 🔊 4. Una reached the point of active protest. 🔊 5.
10. How do you use active in a sentence? Answer. Wiki User 08/12/2010. We also play an active role in the future of the internet in the UK. Related Questions
11. How to use active learning in a sentence Looking for sentences with "active learning"? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. These good practices shouldn't let us evade the tougher questions about how we justify importing active learning techniques into the classroom.
12. 3. The active whistler deserved all the chums said about him. 🔊 4. As it happened, Joseph was soon to be in active service. 🔊 5. Use the active voice 19 11. 🔊 6. The cottontail is most active in the evening or early morning. 🔊 7. Hatchling tadpoles are active swimmers and have only a small amount of yolk. 🔊 8.
13. Use active in a sentence. Sentence for active. How to use the word active in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word active. How to use “active” with example sentences. Definition of active Examples of active in a sentence *** Like all of the members of this large family, the Begonia metallica needs a lotRead More
14. How to use active cell in a sentence Looking for sentences with "active cell"? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. The reselection process is only triggered if the measured signal provided by the current active cell drops below a broadcast minimum value.
15. active in a sentence. The kids must be really hungry; they've been active all day with one thing or another. The road to the forest was blockaded by activists trying to stop the logging company from cutting down the centuries-old trees.
16. Generally, try to use the active voice whenever possible. Passive voice sentences often use more words, can be vague, and can lead to a tangle of prepositional phrases. active vs. passive voice In a sentence written in the active voice, the subject of sentence performs the action. In a sentence written in the passive voice…
17. active in a sentence - Use "active" in a sentence 1. He was active in his business for 75 or 80 years, 2. No one can properly object to religious groups being politically active. click for more sentences of active
18. To understand the difference between passive and active sentences, first identify the subject of the sentence and determine if it’s doing something or having something done to it. For example, in “The dog walked,” “dog” is the subject and since it’s doing something, the sentence is active.
19. 1. 1. 1. 1. How to use actives in a sentence. Example sentences with the word actives.actives example sentences. This national force is divided into actives and reserves, the strength of the first being fixed by Congress, and all the rest, of unknown number, belong to the latter.: 2. actives French word pronunciation in a sentence Word in sentence 50+ Daily Use English Sentences
20. 8 sentence examples: 1. In addition, evidence has been provided for an active transport mechanism in the human intestinal mucosa. 2. It is easy enough to assert that active transport across membranes occurs, but much harder to explain how. 3. Active
21. active euthanasia in a sentence - Use "active euthanasia" in a sentence 1. active euthanasia is not legal in Thailand, and is not considered ethical, 2. The high court rejected active euthanasia by means of lethal injection. click for more sentences of active euthanasia
22. The active sentences only have the active form of the main verb. 3. Types of Voice. As you now know, a sentence’s verb determines which type of voice it will use: the active or the passive. a. active Voice. In English, the best way to write and speak is almost always with the active voice.
23. Reviewing examples of active and passive voice will make it easier to understand the difference. active voice describes a sentence where the subject performs the action stated by the verb. In passive sentences, the subject is acted upon by the verb.
24. Use the active voice when you want your writing to be simple, direct, clear and easy to read. If you’re not very confident about your writing, using the active voice can be an easy way to improve a dull or lifeless piece of prose. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you always need to use the active voice.
25. What is Voice? The voice of a verb tells whether the subject of the sentence performs or receives the action. i) Birds build nests. ii) Nests are built by birds. Types of Voice: active Voice: the subject performs the action expressed by the verb.
26. In traditional grammar, the term active voice refers to a type of sentence or clause in which the subject performs or causes the action expressed by the verb.Contrast with passive voice.. Though style guides often encourage use of the active voice, the passive construction can also be quite useful, especially when the performer of an action is unknown or unimportant.
27. Sentences can be active or passive. Therefore, tenses also have "active forms" and "passive forms." You must learn to recognize the difference to successfully speak English. active Form . In active sentences, the thing doing the action is the subject of the sentence and the thing receiving the action is the object. Most sentences are active.
28. 30 examples : Use "active part" in a sentence. Click on a word to quickly get its definition Moreover, the distribution of activity during the active part of the circadian cycle varies (not the temporal distribution of the interval of activity so much as the amount of activity at a given time within that interval from day to day).
29. active definition is - characterized by action rather than by contemplation or speculation. How to use active in a sentence.
30. When to use “be” in a sentence? Ask Question Asked 6 years, 6 months ago. active 7 months ago. Viewed 102k times 5. 2. We'll be late! We'll late! You'll be so tired in the morning. You'll so tired in the morning. It will be very pleasant for you.
31. Use active voice. active voice makes it clear who is supposed to do what. It eliminates ambiguity about responsibilities. Not “It must be done,” but “You must do it.” Passive voice obscures who is responsible for what and is one of the biggest problems with government writing. Don’t confuse passive voice with past tense.
32. active and Passive Sentences. A sentence is written in active voice when the subject of the sentence performs the action in the sentence.. e.g. The girl was washing the dog. A sentence is written in passive voice when the subject of the sentence has an action done to it by someone or something else.
33. active listening: The act of mindfully hearing and attempting to comprehend the meaning of words spoken by another in a conversation or speech. Activity listening is an important business communication skill, and it can involve making sounds that indicate attentiveness, as well as the listener giving feedback in the form of a paraphrased
34. How to use “after which” in a sentence? Ask Question Asked 4 years ago. active 2 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 68k times 1. Do. They visited Brighton, after which they went to Northern Ireland. and. They visited Brighton, which they went to Northern Ireland after.
35. When rewriting active sentences in passive voice, note the following: the object of the active sentence becomes the subject of the passive sentence; the finite form of the verb is changed (to be + past participle) the subject of the active sentence becomes the object of the passive sentence (or is dropped) Examples of Passive Level: lower
36. Passive-voice verbs put the emphasis on the recipient of the action, not the doer of the action. This kind of deflection can sometimes be useful, but strong sentences require active verb constructions, advises the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Writing Center. Passive-voice sentences are also wordier than more
37. active and passive voice. Readers prefer active voice sentences, and we should try to use the active voice in most of our business writing to communicate our message most effectively. active voice clearly identifies the action and who is performing that action.
38. As the examples below illustrate, a sentence in active voice flows more smoothly and is easier to understand than the same sentence in passive voice. It is generally preferable to use the active voice. To change a passive voice sentence into an active voice sentence, simply reverse the steps shown above. 1.
39. Can you use active transport in a sentence. Answers: 3 Get Other questions on the subject: Chemistry. Chemistry, 21.06.2019 18:40, Eruein. Determine the mass of fuel required for the expected energy consumption in the united states for the next ten years. energy use per person per year in the united states = 3.5 x 1011joules base calculations
40. What Is active Voice? I'll start with active voice because it's simpler. In an active sentence, the subject is doing the action. A straightforward example is the sentence "Steve loves Amy." Steve is the subject, and he is doing the action: he loves Amy, the object of the sentence.
41. So the active voice is a sentence in which the actor, or the subject, comes before the action, or the verb. For this example, "Batman threw Joker from a seventy-story building." Let's find the verb.
42. A professor or graduate instructor has probably cautioned you to eliminate passive voice from your writing at one time or another. That’s because passive verbs make your writing boring and confuse your reader. active verbs, on the other hand, focus attention on actors, bringing clarity and forcefulness to your prose. Below you’ll discover how to:
43. Get an answer to your question "How to use active transport in a sentence? " in Biology if there is no answer or all answers are wrong, use a search bar and try to find the answer among similar questions.
44. Passive voice and active voice are two different ways in which a sentence can be structured. Using the wrong type of voice in your marketing or business-related writing can be devastating; the way a sentence is built has a large influence on the reader’s emotional reaction.

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